59 Quotes About Argument

Arguments are a part of everyday life. Whether we’re at work, with friends, or even with our family, disagreements occur more often than we’d like to admit. Inevitably, these disagreements can lead to arguments. No matter how heated the words may get, there is still a lot of wisdom to be found in these arguments quotes Read more

So if you’ve ever been the one arguing, or if you simply need a good laugh, read on!

If you can't win by reason, go for volume.
If you can't win by reason, go for volume. Bill Watterson
Maybe I’m strange and perverse, but I’ve always thought there was something sexy about a compelling argument. Therese Doucet
Good editorial writing has less to do with winning an...
Good editorial writing has less to do with winning an argument, since the other side is mostly not listening, than with telling the guys on your side how they ought to sound when they're arguing. Adam Gopnik
You can measure the happiness of a marriage by the...
You can measure the happiness of a marriage by the number of scars that each partner carries on their tongues, earned from years of biting back angry words. Elizabeth Gilbert
This is what we do. Not so much argue as...
This is what we do. Not so much argue as joust, in jest. We can't stop pushing and pulling the taffy of words and concepts. Larry Duberstein
Clara shrugged and immediately knew her betrayal of Peter. In one easy movement she'd distanced herself from his bad behavior, even thought she herself was responsible for it. Just before everyone had arrived, she'd told Peter about her adventure with Gamache. Animated and excited she'd gabbled on about her box and the woods and the exhilarating climb up the ladder to the blind. But her wall of words hid from her a growing quietude. She failed to notice his silence, his distance, until it was too late and he'd retreated all the way to his icy island. She hated that place. From it he stood and stared, judged, and lobbed shards of sarcasm.' You and your hero solve Jane's death?'' I thought you'd be pleased, ' she half lied. She actually hadn't thought at all, and if she had, she probably could have predicted his reaction. But since he was comfortably on his Inuk island, she'd retreat to hers, equipped with righteous indignation and warmed by moral certitude. She threw great logs of 'I'm right, you're an unfeeling bastard' onto the fire and felt secure and comforted. Louise Penny
Still, we've attempted to argue when necessary; you've got to be able to let loose and even lose your temper a bit if you're finding it hard to breathe. Closeness has to be like running water; it mustn't stagnate and sour. Unknown
If everyone in New York took sides over these petty,...
If everyone in New York took sides over these petty, insignificant arguments, no one would have any friends at all. Candace Bushnell
When two warring people face each other, the war of...
When two warring people face each other, the war of words jumps beyond the subject. The subject remains no more central to the arguments. Girdhar Joshi
A wise woman knows when to stay silent. However, a wiser woman of faith knows that sometimes words can win the battle, when all odds stand against her. Shannon L. Alder
For a long time, they sat without speaking. The air outside was filled with the lilting sound of sparrows, the buzz of traffic on Main Street, and under that the faint lapping of waves on the lakeshore. Lou smiled. It wasn't the same, but it was better. And better, Lou thought, is a start. Danika Stone
She meant that they'd never used words like "separation" and "divorce" even in their worst screaming matches. They yelled things like, "You're infuriating! " "You don't think! " "You are the most annoying woman in the history of annoying women! " "I hate you! " "I hate you more! " and they always, always used the word "always, " even though Clementine's mother had said you should never use that word in an argument with your spouse, as in, for example, "You always forget to refill the water jug! " (But Sam did always forget. It was accurate.) . Liane Moriarty
Sometimes it's better for a struggling writer to stay single, than to keep hearing, "Oh, your a writer, and you need to spend time in writing? Then go marry your writing! Anthony Liccione
--and yet, in my heart, I always knew we loved each other, a part of me understanding that the passion with which we hurt each other came from something strong enough to withstand the blows we inflicted. Looking back, I guess I always felt that we would have time to work things out eventually, not imagining what was to come; that we would one day have to cut all ties and never speak again. Camilla Way
Do not throw me out. Please. Diane Samuels
When you confidently defend fiction, think about reality also Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
In every argument there is a discovery of truth and a bed of success. Auliq Ice
Most people are not prepared to have their minds changed, " he said. "And I think they know in their hearts that other people are just the same, and one of the reasons people become angry when they argue is that they realize just that, as they trot out their exc Iain M. Banks
When you feel like throwing rocks, make sure they're ones no one can throw back. Rebecca McKinsey
He singled out aspects of Quality such as unity, vividness, authority, economy, sensitivity, clarity, emphasis, flow, suspense, brilliance, precision, proportion, depth and so on; kept each of these as poorly defined as Quality itself, but demonstrated them by the same class reading techniques. He showed how the aspect of Quality called unity, the hanging-togetherness of a story, could be improved with a technique called an outline. The authority of an argument could be jacked up with a technique called footnotes, which gives authoritative reference. Outlines and footnotes are standard things taught in all freshman composition classes, but now as devices for improving Quality they had a purpose. And if a student turned in a bunch of dumb references or a sloppy outline that showed he was just fulfilling an assignment by rote, he could be told that while his paper may have fulfilled the letter of the assignment it obviously didn’t fulfill the goal of Quality, and was therefore worthless. Robert M. Pirsig
You weasel, good-for-nothing, scumbag, swine, sleazebag, scumbucket, scoundrel, son-of-a-bitch! ” In the midst of everything, we all looked at Rosina, who smiled sheepishly.“ Sorry. I was reading the Dictionary the other day.” I stared at her with incomprehension. Kelly Batten
It really hurts when I see two good friends arenot talking to each other from long ago. Life isjust for once. There are so many arguments youcan win with but you are gonna lose the person Pawan Mehra
I don’t even pretend to believe I know everything; I just believe in arguments God told me I had a pretty good chance of winning, while I was traveling through hell. Shannon L. Alder
What did the Romans say? “De gustibus non est disputandum”: It is worthless to discuss personal taste. It is called 'personal' for a reason. Massimo Marino
There is nothing wrong with being wrong. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
I'm past competing in pissing contests. My jet stream is now more of a trickle. The only contest I'd win is the number of trips to the bathroom it takes to purge a 32oz soda. Brian MacLearn
The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person’s argument no matter how divergent their views may seem. Auliq Ice
The silence is the worst part of any fight, because it's made up of all the things we wish we could say, if only we had the guts. Pete Wentz
Hate. The word is thrown around as uselessly and as often as love is, and is used as a means in which to accuse and inflict damage; the weak-in-argument (weak in general) use it to discredit those with whom they disagree rather than dissect the issues for what they really are. I liken it to the predictable ad hominem attack, which is about as transparent as those who so ridiculously claim to know what’s in the heart of another. Donna Lynn Hope
I strongly object to wrong arguments on the right side. I think I object to them more than to the wrong arguments on the wrong side. G.k. Chesterton
They argued about the weather, sports, sex, war, race, politics, and religion; neither of them knew the subjects they debated, but it seemed that the less they knew the better the could argue. Richard Wright
The problem with arguments is that it never adds up to any value to the subject. Aditya Ajmera
If you don't want to be in an argument with someone, it is probably best to try to solve the problem, rather than lying around hoping the other person will do it for you. E. Lockhart
In a short time a group of commissioners arrived to begin organization of a new Indian agency in the valley. One of them mentioned the advantages of schools for Joseph’s people. Joseph replied that the Nez Percés did not want the white man’s schools. “Why do you not want schools?” the commissioner asked. “They will teach us to have churches, ” Joseph answered. “Do you not want churches?” “No, we do not want churches.” “Why do you not want churches?” “They will teach us to quarrel about God, ” Joseph said. “We do not want to learn that. We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on this earth, but we never quarrel about God. We do not want to learn that. Dee Brown
If you can win an argument by stretching your lips with a smile, why open your mouth and lose it. Sukant Ratnakar
Arguments should always be held in private. Audiences inflate the ego. L.J Vanier
The longer a person's twitter @username is, the harder it is to argue with them … on twitter. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
It's amazing--my parents call everything a discussion. If I were standing across the street, firing a bazooka at my mother, while my father was launching mortar back at me, and Jeffery was charging down the driveway with a grenade in his teeth, my parents would say we should stop having this public "discussion". Jordan Sonnenblick
In life, toughness and roughness go together. Auliq Ice
Small quarrels and tensions were expected because of our new environment. Every relationship has them. Each quarrel was soon forgotten and floated away on a wave. And then sometimes, on our silly days, the arguments returned on the wave, but the wave returned taller, a Tsunami, and neither of us knew where to run or what to do. Craig Stone
Continuous denial of rational arguments represents a contempt of common sense. Eraldo Banovac
It is enough to write a few lines about tanks in the streets in some sad country, about a clear injustice, which requires no description; it is enough to move from one side to another, to satisfy someone’s taste, the need of the moment, the need for “big” games to take a peek into everything and to prove everything with cheap opinions formed almost on command, almost as a recipe of measured pain to resolve the crisis, to extinguish the pain based on a few words that don’t change anything except that they flatter vanity and a misguided interest in all dimensions of life and creation, in the air that is being poisoned by smoke from cars, smoke from the television screens, the smoke curtains of politicians, left and right, the smoke of films and pop culture, smokescreens of intelligence that finds an explanation for all this, makes up theories, finds justification for the schizophrenic decisions of the new rulers, for wars, agreements, contracts; finds justification for obedience, for the sale of beliefs under the disguise of conviction, for several awards, for a few moments of illusion in the hocus-pocus world where the truth does not interest anyone anymore, except for ways for lies to be packaged and sold as the greatest truth with the help of big intellectuals that will find a good argument, a good defense and justification for everything, since everything becomes much easier, if a hoax is supported by “scientific” evidence. Dejan Stojanovic
Cole didn’t see her for the rest of the weekend, and he was glad. She wasn’t in class on Monday either. That made it easier. Tuesday she was still missing. Danika Stone
A man never tells you anything until you contradict him. George Bernard Shaw
In a true tragedy both parties must be right. Unknown
Some guy hit my fender the other day and I said unto him "Be fruitful and multiply." But not in those words. Woody Allen
We're eyeball to eyeball and the other fellow just blinked. Dean Rusk
Weakness on both sides is as we know the motto of all quarrels. Voltaire
There is no good arguing with the inevitable. The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat. James Russell Lowell
I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides the pig likes it. Cyrus Ching
The test of a man or woman's breeding is how they behave in a quarrel. George Bernard Shaw
I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me. Dudley Field Malone
Better be quarrelling than lonesome. Irish Proverb
Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side. La Rochefoucauld
When we quarrel how we wish we had been blameless. Ralph Waldo Emerson
The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way. Bertrand Russell
Every story has three sides to it - yours mine and the facts. Foster Meharny Russell
Blame the economy, blame bad luck, blame my parents, blame your parents, blame the Internet, blame people who use the Internet. Gillian Flynn