27 Best Agree Quotes And Sayings

Whether you are trying to convince an employer, or your significant other, getting your point across can be tricky. If you are not sure of the best approach, these agree quotes are here to help. An agreement or mutual understanding is a verbal or written commitment between two people. The opposite of an agreement is a disagreement, and these quotes give you great advice about handling disagreements with grace and class.

We seldom learn much from someone with whom we agree.
We seldom learn much from someone with whom we agree. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
We met at a cross-roads in life, But we were going different directions. We were part of each other's lives, But only for a moment. The first person that you meet in life Won't necessarily be the one who's forever. Just look at you and me, And it's not hard to see that This is the moment before life goes on. We are still friends; We are still really good friends. Please tell me that you agree. But I'm not the one for you, And you just can't see yourself with me. . Margo T. Rose
Science is not a democracy. Therefore to try to pass of global warming as real just because "98% of scientists say they agree" makes no sense at all. If 98% of psychiatrists said that all mentally ill people needed lobotomized, does that make it true? If 98% of your friends jumped off a building, would you jump, too? Rebecca McNutt
Men and women...sill live together for centuries without agreeing on...
Men and women...sill live together for centuries without agreeing on anything. Girdhar Joshi
Often we agree to shady but attractive propositions and as a result we have sorrow Sunday Adelaja
It is not our right to punish one for thinking as he does, no matter how much we disagree. Oliver Bowden
Don't agree and believe that success comes free... Gold on the floor is a lie! You must dig deep and then you will reap big! Israelmore Ayivor
A responsible citizen is the one that sees something wrong in the society, something he is not satisfied with or that he cannot agree with and responds not by blaming the government or leaders. But by designing ways and means of bringing a lasting solution to the issues at hand Sunday Adelaja
One major way to avoid shifting blames unto other people is to accept and agree that the efforts that turn the loads of your self- improvement have to turn on your own pivot. Israelmore Ayivor
Agree and freely switch on the heart that will take “no” as an answer to some questions. Israelmore Ayivor
I agree that dreaming in not a crime, so I can dream as big as I can. Israelmore Ayivor
You will arise, so start by attempting to rise. Don't give space for failure to erect local huts in your land; agree that you are constructing a global edifice there! Think possibility and be hopeful! Israelmore Ayivor
They say education has no end. If you still disagree with this, here is a better way to take it in; "Education has an end that never comes". Israelmore Ayivor
I was beginning to agree with the thesis that some truths were better off dead. And buried. Simona Panova
Although others can devalue who we are and what we do it is entirely up to us, whether we accept or reject it. Whenever we disagree with the offered opinion we can thank for it and then move on. There is no need to prove at all that we have a different perception of ourselves from what we are being offered. Raphael Zernoff
I hate it too, ” Violet said, and Klaus looked at his older sister with relief. Sometimes, just saying that you hate something, and having someone agree with you, can make you feel better about a terrible situation. Lemony Snicket
Arguing with a woman is like reading the Software License Agreement. In the end, you ignore everything and click I agree. Eyden I.
I fully agree with all that you say on the advantages of H. Spencer's excellent expression of 'the survival of the fittest.' This, however, had not occurred to me till reading your letter. It is, however, a great objection to this term that it cannot be used as a substantive governing a verb; and that this is a real objection I infer from H. Spencer continually using the words, natural selection.( Letter to A. R. Wallace July 1866) . Charles Darwin
We are not going to always agree with each other, but we should have the dignity to always respect each other’s freedom of speech and of choice. Democracy is practiced when we have respect for human rights. Ellen J. Barrier
They say that it’s hard for men to agree. You’d be surprised how easy it is–when both parties hold as their moral absolute that neither exists for the sake of the other and that reason is their only means of trade. Ayn Rand