Quotes From "Youre Never Weird On The Internet" By Felicia Day

It's either perfect, or it's the worst thing ever made and everyone is an artistic failure, including myself. (Yay, emotional extremes! ) Felicia Day
Denial is strong with this one. Felicia Day
I couldn’t trust my own mind anymore, which wasthe scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. Felicia Day
They focused a large amount of their wrath on people trying to add dialogue about feminism and diversity in gaming, condemning them as “Social Justice Warriors.” (That label was always so weird to me, because how is that an insult? “Social Justice Warrior” actually sounds pretty badass.) Felicia Day
I had no confidence in myself. I was a fraud. Who was I to pick up a pen and expect anything good to come from it? I expected perfection as soon as the pencil hit the paper, and since that's impossible, I couldn't get myself to start. Then I felt guilty about not starting which made me want to start even less. Felicia Day
In retrospect, crappy chemicals in my brain were working overtime, driving me to destroy myself, like that thing that makes lemmings throw them¬selves over a cliff. Felicia Day
FYI, it isn’t how I suspected. If you eat enough Cheetos you will NOT actually poop an extra-large Cheeto. Felicia Day
...make sure if you're working hard at something it's in a subject you actually want to remember something about ten years later. Felicia Day
And all that time I was lying to my support group. I told the ladies, "Sure! I'm writing! " when I wasn't. Yes, I could have filled all those newfound minutes with actual work, but I had no confidence in myself. I was a fraud. Who was I to pick up a pen and expect anything good to come out of it? I expected perfection as soon as the pencil hit the paper, and since that's impossible, I couldn't get myself to start. Then I felt guilty about not starting, which made me want to start even less. And with no game to bury the feelings, I got very depressed. No wonder I didn't book any acting jobs in the last half of 2006. No one wanted to hire a clinically depressed person to sell snack foods. Felicia Day
Yeah, yeah, success is a ladder, a marathon instead of a sprint and all that crap. Everyone can TELL you stuff like that, but you really have to understand advice in relation to YOURSELF, or it's all just nice intellectual theory. Felicia Day
I've always felt like a failure inside if I'm not already a success, if that makes any sense. Felicia Day
...it always felt good to have that moment of resolve, like saying, "I'm gonna learn French! " It doesn't matter if you do it or not, deciding is the high, right? Felicia Day
Seventy-five percent of the time when I'm ordering my "almond milk matcha latte with no sugar added, lukewarm, please, " I'll be recognized by an employee. And yes, my order is a pin in the ass, but I'm determined to enjoy the liquid indulgences of modern life. Might as well take advantage of it all before the zombie apocalypse. I have no practical skills; I'm fully aware that I'll be one of the first ones "turned." Instead of learning motorcycle repair or something else disaster-scenario useful, I'll order the drink I want until I become a shambling corpse. A N D I WON'T BE DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT, OKAY? . Felicia Day
When the occasional stranger approaches me at a party to say, "Hey, you're Felicia Day. Let's talk about that comic book you were tweeting about last week! " it's the greatest thing in the world. Because it saves me from having to stand in the corner awkwardly, drinking all the Sprite, and then leaving after ten minutes without saying good-bye to my host. Felicia Day
I'd found my niche: cat-owning, stalker-y secretary. And I played the same part again and again and again. Felicia Day
But it's the science of the stars! "" She thinks it's Satanic. You gave her daughter a pentagram."" It's a natal chart, duh. You can't let ignorance trump science here, Miss Mary! Felicia Day
...CompuServe, and it was not sophisticated, guys. It was the cave painting equivalent to Tumblr. Felicia Day
You can FEEL the wave of emotion online when something is about to go viral, good or bad. A scientist I met once mathematically compared internet behavior to swarm behavior seen in starlings or locusts. Felicia Day
Whether it was by someone volunteering to be an extra in our show, or part of the crew, or someone buying a DVD at a convention, or a superfan who tattooed our characters' faces on her calf, my career has been built fan by fan. I wouldn't trade that relationship, or collection of dolls of myself, for all the money and fame in the world. Felicia Day
It might be extremely dorky to point out, but who you are is singular. It’s science. No one else in existence has your point of view or exact genome (identical twins and clones, look for inspiration elsewhere, please). That is why we need people to share and help us understand one another better. And on a bigger level than just taking a selfie. (Not hating on selfies, but a few is enough. You look good from that angle; we get it.) We need the world to hear more opinions, give glimpses into more diverse subcultures. Are you REALLY into dressing your cat in handcrafted, historically authentic outfits? No problem, there are people out there who want to see that! Probably in excruciating detail! . Felicia Day