Quotes From "Vishwasutras: Universal Principles For Living: Inspired By Reallife Experiences" By Vishwas Chavan

I have always believed in the power of collaboration. Early on in my professional career, I realized that you can't develop all the competencies you need fast enough on your own. Furthermore, if you don't collaborate, your ideas will be limited to your own abilities. As a result, you will not be able to serve your clientele and thus can't achieve the anticipated impact. Vishwas Chavan
Being involved with passion is one of the common characteristics I have observed in all the successful people I have come across. Vishwas Chavan
Success is guaranteed to those who dare to dream, are courageous enough to be devoted to their dreams, and have the determination to realise them. If you think you have these three qualities, then I welcome you to the club of SUCCESS! Vishwas Chavan
Accountability and self-responsibility are critical to our success in personal, professional and public life. However, we often look for those character traits in others, rather than inculcating them in ourselves. Vishwas Chavan
Only those who are able to adapt to changing scenarios will continue to survive and prosper. Success is directly proportional to the degree of positive adaptation to change. Vishwas Chavan
Your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better. Vishwas Chavan
With discipline, you are able to maintain a higher tolerance for frustration, obstacles and negative emotions. Self-discipline allows you to obtain better health, better finances and a good work ethic, and it allows you to reach your most difficult goals more efficiently. The more disciplined you become, the more easier life gets, or the higher the degree of discipline, the greater your success. Vishwas Chavan
Both transparency and trust form the basic component of truth itself. With truth, there is no need to be untrue. If one is truthful, then there is godliness because God is truth. And when godliness is on your side, success is guaranteed. Vishwas Chavan
The quicker your forget unpleasant instances and forgive yourself or others for wrong deeds, the better are your chances of focusing on your aspirations and working towards them. Vishwas Chavan
Success = Dream x Plan x WorkConscious dreams are essential components of your success. When you are backed up by a convincing dream, meticulous planning, and 100% execution, you are bound to be victorius. Vishwas Chavan
Leaders are made not born. They are the results of persistent effort. Thus, leadership involves much more than just shouting. Effective leadership requires a human focus and reflects a servant and transformation mentality. It is about the nuts and bolts of execution. Leadership is an everyday activity. It is a process that begins but never ends. Vishwas Chavan
Communication is really a two-way process with listenining being as important as speaking. Enhancing one's listening skills is therefore as important as enhancing one's speaking skills. Vishwas Chavan
A success catalyst has the ability to spark significant and sustainable changes, inspire possibilities and accelerate results. Vishwas Chavan
I strongly believe that success is directly proprotional to one's ability to be simple and comfortable. In fact, simplicity and comfort have a multiplication effect, thus increasing the chances of expedited and sustained success. Vishwas Chavan
The good news is that being in gratitude does not require time and money. All it requires is an attitude of being grateful. Vishwas Chavan
Sacrifice has great value in that it not only achieves personal success but builds successful communities, nations and humanity. Each moment spent in selfless sacrifice makes you a stronger person, and such strength fosters the required determination to cope with adversity and hardship for the sake of others. Vishwas Chavan
Ethics is nothing other than reverence for life because God is within every other human being you come in contact with either physically, or emotionally. Living with reverence for life is attuning goodliness, which is a state of godliness. Vishwas Chavan
Being a team player will help you climb the ladder of success. Furthermore, a successful team player can rise to the level of team leader in the future. Vishwas Chavan
Sometimes standing for truth is painful and an isolated journey because truth is not always what we like to hear and live with. However, it is your belief in the purity of truth, your confidence in yourself and your godly values that will give you the strength to be a torchbearer of truth. With truth you are always a winner even if it comes late or with a price to pay. Vishwas Chavan
Success is directly proportional to the degree of realization of the purpose. Vishwas Chavan