Quotes From "Uninhibited From Lust To Love" By Giorge Leedy

MOMWholeheartedly, She loved me- And inspired me- With transcending devotion. It was a blessing- To have been her son, To have been loved- Without conditions. Her words of wisdom- Opened my eyes- To the world- And to myself. By seeing the best in me, She empowered me. By believing in me, She transformed me. She grew old- And floated away, But her love remains standing- Eternally by my side. Giorge Leedy
MISERABLERelease the toxic and infectious- Spreaders of misery, Souls destroying souls- And poisonous liars. Awaken from the hallucinations- And take back your heart. Reclaim your self-esteem- And leave the toxic be. Giorge Leedy
LET’S GO BACK HOMEI can't think about you, Without smiling. What I wouldn’t give, To go back there, Take you in my arms, Kiss you, And tell you, " I still love you." It's been three decades now, And still your smile's with me, Your wave goodbye, The love in your eyes, And everything else you gave me, Before that highway fog swept in, And stole your spirit away. Oh- to return by your side again, Fish beside the Pleasant Hill Dam, Hike through the Mayer's woods, Hang out on your big hill, Sleep naked in your twin bed, Fill your room with laughter- And marijuana smoke. You returned home- And I traveled on down the road, Found new loves, Safely took them under my wing, And deeply into my heart. But you know, as I do- This wasn’t always possible. I didn’t always have the fire- The courage to stand tall, The joy to expand, Nor the love to give deeply. These were all your gifts-- To me. Someday- When I close my eyes for good, And cry out- "Lord- forgive me for I have sinned-" I'll joyously return by your side, Take you into my arms, Kiss you, And tell you, " I still love you. Giorge Leedy
There's a FEW THINGS you need to get STRAIGHT about being GAY..." "That's an OXYmoron.""You'll be an OXYmoron if you don't listen. GAY men SUCK and FUCK. They don't go around falling in LOVE. At least not with every TOM, DICK and HARRY. Giorge Leedy
Where's Kahn?""In bed. You don't mind if I pet your little pink kitty? Do you?" I chuckled, "You mean my HOT DIGGITY DOG. Giorge Leedy
Shifting my weight and readjusting my stance, I'm eventually able to do like he wants, floating up and down in the palms of his hands." That's it-" he said. I ask if this is how he and Frieda do it. Laughing, he nods his head no." Why NOT?""Because-- unlike YOU- she's not very FOND of getting corn-holed. Giorge Leedy
THE SILENT PEOPLESome people are so rude, Living their lives with no concern for others, Or possibly just intent on pissing other people off- Annoying everyone around them. The silent people- Want to kill them- And drive forks into their skulls- Create weapons of extreme torture- And scream from the top of their lungs-" S H U T UP."But words are not spoken- And attention is not given. Though annoyance is apparent, The annoying keep on living. Giorge Leedy
FRIENDSLooking out the window, I see you looking in. You are the sunshine, That fills my soul. Giorge Leedy
I tagged your ass the other night, " I said, "while you were sleeping- and you liked it."" Really? I thought it was a dream." "It was. A WET one. Giorge Leedy
TOMORROW’S WILLSilent world, I find myself, Glad no one hears my thoughts. In dark cocoon, I hibernate, Yet spirit spills every thought. A second chance to try again. The risks I know too well. Two sunsets turning into six- Awaits tomorrow's will. Giorge Leedy
BE REALBring it on- And let truth be my existence. Value my life- And tell me like it is. Bark at me when I'm wrong- And hug me when I'm right. Praise me if I succeed- And tell me if I fail. Laugh at me if you think I'm funny- And wink at me if you think I'm cute. Yell at me if I ever hurt you- And scold me if I'm ever bad. Keep things real with me, Because I want to be alive, I want my world to be real- And I want to see your spirit. I want to hear you breathe- And I want to know how you feel. Don’t waste my time with insincerities. Keep my world real. . Giorge Leedy
DICK’S DESIREDick's eyes- Soft, cold, and blue- Meet Devonshire's-Dark, sexy, and yearning. Turning away- Dick grabs two packets of sugar- While Devonshire's eyes- Are still upon him- Pondering his every move. Is Dick a playboy, A ladies' man, A mans' man, Or a killer? Does his sex long for, Something hard- Or something soft? Does he need cream in his coffee- The screaming splash of a man, Or the sweet flow of a woman? Finishing up at the bar- Dick turns to leave- Meets Devonshire's gaze again- Hot, thirsty, and longing- But full of trepidation. Following the flow of etiquette- Dick shoots out of the cafe, Past Devonshire, And into a world of dashed hopes, And regrets. But Devonshire-No longer of two worlds- Rises in pursuit- Goes after Dick, And taps him on the shoulder. Dick gives a turn, Raises his shoulders, And smiles with interest- Taking Devonshire's hand, And asking his name. Devonshire answers- Desire. Dick invites Devonshire to dinner, Where he eats everything, Swallowing Dick's life stories, And devouring his misgivings. For dessert, Devonshire takes Dick home, Into his bed, Against his flesh, And gives Dick all of him- His deepest desires, The love in his eyes, And the fire in his soul. Giorge Leedy
LITTLE STAR BIG UNIVERSE I love everyone- And everything. The ocean, The sky, The other planets, The people here, The people there. I love to smile, To run and play, I love to work hard, And create everyday. I love to rest, When the long day's through, But most of all, l love thinking of you. Giorge Leedy
After six long hours of driving and three rest stops, Tiger pulls up to a snow-topped, metal speaker box just outside the State Penitentiary's first gate in Walla Walla. As he rolls down his window and snow flies in his face, Joshua starts begging for a Happy Meal.I turn around, snapping at him. "This ISN'T MCDONALDS and YOU AREN'T HUNGRY. NOW SHUT UP BRAT."A loud scratchy masculine voice blasts out of the speaker. "CAN I HELP YOU?"Tiger leans out the window, as he answers- We're here to visit Raven Chandler."HAVE YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?""Yes sir. I've been here A LOT." "WHERE'S HIS MOTHER?""I don't know. I haven't seen her in months."" N O T THE PRISONER'S MOTHER. THE BRAT IN THE BACK SEAT OF YOUR JEEP.""Oh- HIM-" As he turns, smiling and sticking his tongue out at Joshua, I lean towards his window to answer the guard's question. "SHE'S IN VEGAS, SIR. I'M BABYSITTING. HE'S MY GODSON." When the speaker remains disturbingly silent for far too long, I continue. "HE'S A GOOD BOY SIR. HE WON'T BE ANY TROUBLE- I SWEAR." "THAT'S RIGHT, " Tiger said. "HE SWEARS ON THE LITTLE BRAT'S MOTHER'S GRAVE. Giorge Leedy
He takes the beer and sets it on the floor. "I've never been into guys. So, this attraction to you is a little weird for me." I try to ease his mind by telling him that a lot of straight guys have at least one homosexual experience in their lifetime and that it's pretty normal." Yeah… that's what I hear."" So don't over-think it. Just do me." He laughs, runs his hand down my arms, over my chest, and follows my happy trail down to my pubes. . Giorge Leedy
Never boyfriends? You've NEVER been in LOVE?"As I shake my head no, I look out the window, yearning to see Cole's sun-filled eyes again looking into mine." Don't worry, " Tiger said. "Love isn't easy- and it happens on its own time. Just hang in there. He’ll come around. Giorge Leedy
As I'm smiling but fearing for the worse, he asks if I was in the Navy."NO. THIS IS JUST MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME.""WELL, I WAS... FOR NEARLY TWENTY YEARS."I don't know whether he wants me to apologize for impersonating a sailor, thank him for his service, or stop drooling as I melt into his eyes Giorge Leedy
I laughed, "I don’t have a CHANCE IN HELL of ever turning COLE DRIVER GAY. He's straighter than NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Giorge Leedy
Tommy asks where Carolyn is." She's at Cindy's.""They live together now, " Salvador added." Didn’t they just start dating?" Tommy asked. Tiger answered, "Yeah.. A couple of WEEKS ago." Unhappy about the news, Tommy objects to Carolyn moving in with Cindy."That's how it happens in our WORLD, " Salvador said. "One night you MEET, the next night you MOVE IN, and before you KNOW IT- you're digging a GRAVE IN THE BACK YARD FOR YOUR LOVER DURING A FREAK THUNDERSTORM.""THAT IS HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE, " Tommy said. After Salvador apologizes, Tommy asks how Raven's doing in prison." Fucking GREAT." Tiger answered. "How do you THINK?""No longer on suicide watch?"" N O.. FUCK..""Speaking of fucking. Is he still with BULL DOG?""I REALLY don’t wanna TALK about RAVEN right now- AND WHO HE'S FUCKING. Talk about INAPPROPRIATE. Giorge Leedy
Raven, holding Joshua's chin, asks him how old he is. Joshua, folding in the pinky and the thumb on his left hand, while leaning on Raven's legs, raises three middle fingers into the air." That's what I thought. You're three. Giorge Leedy