Quotes From "The Art Of Preparation: 8 Ways To Plan With Purpose & Intention For Positive Impact" By Susan C. Young

How can you showcase your unique expertise, valuable experience, and strong education without sounding egotistical? Susan C. Young
A quality education prepares you to make a living, make better choices, and have more doors open as you build a solid life. Susan C. Young
Companies that do not have a succession plan in place in which their seasoned professionals are teaching the younger, less experienced generations risk losing far more than talent. The depth of their experience is a valuable commodity and resource. Susan C. Young
Take your place among experienced professionals by focusing on ways to learn, grow, and succeed. Susan C. Young
If you were to spend your own time and money to hire a consultant, coach, or trainer, wouldn’t it give you more confidence knowing that they have "walked the talk" and have vast experience with what they are teaching? Susan C. Young
Becoming an expert not only establishes you as a leader in your field, it will make you a trusted resource that people can rely on for new and innovative ideas. In addition to raising the stakes and helping you increase your income, your expertise will serve to make a powerful first impression, which will truly help you shine and stand apart from the crowd. Having fun and meeting interesting, incredible people along the way is an added bonus! . Susan C. Young
By establishing a strategic online presence through your website, social media, keywords, meta tags, and Google AdWords, the world may discover your expertise and "beat a path to your door. Susan C. Young
Become a thought leader by taking an idea, belief, or process and turning it inside-out and upside-down. Bust beyond the box and shatter a few ceilings to go where no one has gone before. Make your mark by becoming a pioneer in your pursuits. Susan C. Young
To position yourself as an expert, create content, write a book, build a blog, post on social media, and write articles for professional publications and news sites to build your intellectual portfolio of expertise. Repurpose content in a variety of ways. Susan C. Young
Put in the time. To position yourself as an expert, practice, apply, experiment, volunteer, and work within your area of knowledge to deepen your own understanding as you build real-life experience. Susan C. Young
To position yourself as an expert, learn everything you can about a subject. Develop your knowledge: read books, attend classes, listen to your market, get training, attend seminars, find a mentor, join a mastermind group of like-minded individuals, watch videos, and study. Susan C. Young
To position yourself as an expert, share your knowledge with others. Deliver presentations and teach others on your topic. Look what TED Talks have done for normal people who simply presented their passion and thereby launched careers, fame, and fortune. Interact with your target market. Maximize use of the Internet and SEO. Susan C. Young
When you have paid the price, earned the right, and done the homework to be called an expert, people perceive you differently. Susan C. Young
Your expertise can elevate your impressions to bring you to an entirely new realm. Susan C. Young
Your body language is your primary language–and one that every person understands! Although it is non-verbal, evidence suggests that our body language and tone of voice can have a bigger impact and account for more of our communication than the words we speak. Susan C. Young
Your body language continuously communicates for you, whether you are aware of it or not. Are your intended messages being well conveyed? Susan C. Young
One of the most compelling things about you is the energy you put forth–whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. And that is only the beginning. Susan C. Young
The way you walk, talk, stand, and carry yourself sends messages to others that can attract or repel, encourage or discourage, and impress or depress. Susan C. Young
Using your body language to your advantage can not only improve how others perceive you, but can raise your own levels of confidence, competence, and self-esteem. Susan C. Young
Being mindful of your body movement, facial expressions, voice tone, gestures, orientation, postures, and touch will help you project personal excellence for transforming your communications with others. Susan C. Young