Quotes From "The Art Of Body Language: 8 Ways To Optimize Nonverbal Communication For Positive Impact" By Susan C. Young

Is chemistry a biological reaction which supports the propagation of our species? Or is it simply about being excited to find someone with mutually shared values, passions, interests, or experiences? Or is it because you have the same energy, vibrate at the same frequency, or share the same attitude? Regardless of how it happens, a robust and healthy chemistry is always a nice surprise and something to be celebrated. Susan C. Young
We prefer to be around others who bring out the best in us and make us feel good, don’t we? Customers want to do business with people who make them feel valued, appreciated, and happy. Susan C. Young
Bringing a great attitude with positive energy is one of the best strategies you can have for your personal and professional success. Matching our energy with another person’s will help us build rapport and relationships more easily. Susan C. Young
We are all wired with a natural propensity to learn, grow, and expand. Think of the positive things that make you happy, bring you joy, deepen your understanding, and make you feel wonderful. These things enlarge and grow with positive energy, don’t they? The opposite is true as well; negative things make us feel stressed, sad, angry, or overwhelmed. They leave us feeling depleted and contracted. . Susan C. Young
ASK YOURSELF: Who are the people you are drawn to who bring out the best in you? How do they make you feel? Is your positive energy doing the same thing for others? Susan C. Young
Upbeat people make us feel appreciated, important, and fantastic. These are the folks who expand and warm us with their positive energy. Susan C. Young
The Broaden-and-Build Theory in Positive Psychology suggests that positive emotions initiate upward spirals of positivity which contribute to our optimal well-being. It is no wonder positive people are more likely to make a positive impact! Susan C. Young
People who cast a negative energy can make us feel doubtful, devalued, and disrespected. In response, we contract and are left cold as our awesome energy evaporates in their shadow. Downward emotional spirals ensue. Susan C. Young
A light-hearted point to consider: Do you know the number one reason a man falls in love with a woman? Because of how she makes him feel about himself. Do you know the number one reason a man falls out of love with a woman? Because of how she makes him feel about himself! It is the same reason! When you inspire and motivate another person through your positive energy, they want you to stick around! . Susan C. Young
How we feel with someone–if they improve our mood or cause our heart to sink–can determine the health of the relationship. How do you feel around them? It's a simple measurement tool. Susan C. Young
Throughout your life you will meet thousands of people, but every once in a while, you feel instant chemistry with a person and connect immediately. It is like meeting an old friend or returning home again. Your relationship enjoys easy compatibility and commonality. Not only can you sometimes finish each other’s sentences, but regardless of how much time may pass, you can reunite and start up wherever you left off. . Susan C. Young
Instant chemistry feels great! It is a raw, organic emotion. The art and science of relationship chemistry is still a mystery to me, but it is always a delight when it happens. You certainly know when you feel it, and that sizzle begins many a new relationship. Susan C. Young
Ask anyone who has ever fallen in love at first sight and they will tell you–their mutual chemistry created an instant attraction. We have all known friends who went on a first date and knew instantly that they would spend the rest of their life with that person. Or, they knew instantly there was no chance because there was no chemistry at all. Susan C. Young
Unfortunately, while people may be considerate with their illness, they often lack the same consideration with their bad attitudes, not thinking twice about spewing their negative energy on everyone around them and making others sick in the process. Talk about making a bad impression, much less setting you up for an unfavorable outcome! Susan C. Young
It's a fact. We are magnets who attract whatever we are being. When we emit positive energy, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, we attract more positives to us. When we emit negative energy, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, we attract more negatives. Susan C. Young
The "Law of Attraction" simply states: “What you think about, you bring about.” Whatever you focus on will expand and attract more of the same. Whatever you are putting out there is usually what you are getting back. So, if you don’t like what you’re getting, you’ve got to change what you are giving. Susan C. Young
You magnetize what you are being. You give a smile .. . you get a smile back. If you point fingers with anger, you will get anger in return. If you are obsessing about scarcity, you will continue to live in lack. If you focus on nurturing friends, you will enjoy more enriching relationships. Susan C. Young
Without even realizing it, we magnetize people, opportunities, and outcomes. Many people continue to attract dysfunctional folks who bring trauma, drama, crisis, and negativity and then wonder why they are so miserable. Be cognizant of how you’re being because it is most certainly attracting what you’re receiving. Susan C. Young
Cheri Davis is a fun, energetic, positive, and beautiful friend. We both share a vibrant and positive energy which is a rare and wonderful quality. No matter what is going on in the world, we have a magic ability to energize each other and make the day better simply by speaking. She once said to me, “Susan, our low is most people's high.” Indeed. We will not always match the energies of others, and when theirs is lower than ours, that can be a very good thing! . Susan C. Young
Emotion is energy in motion; therefore, different states of mind, perceptions, and feelings can all result in different electromagnetic frequencies. How can you elevate your enthusiasm and energize your life? Susan C. Young