Quotes From "The Art Of Being: 8 Ways To Optimize Your Presence & Essence For Positive Impact" By Susan C. Young

Desire. Enthusiasm. Purpose. Pleasure. Delight. Peace. Power. However you define passion, it is at the heart of your motivation. Susan C. Young
Feeling passion fuels your spirit and feeds your joy. Susan C. Young
Passion is a catalyst for action and provides you with the emotional stamina to stick with it, regardless of the obstacles. Susan C. Young
Every day should have threads of passionate pursuits within it. Susan C. Young
Think of the times in your life when you have been deeply passionate about something. Whether it is for your family, a cause, a person, an adventure, a hobby, a career, a love for music, or even going to the beach–your passion for it helps you tap into your unique personal power to live and love your life out loud. Susan C. Young
What turns you on, tunes you in, and lights your fire? Susan C. Young
When passion is lit, the fire permeates your being with the positive expectation that all is well and everything will turn out great. Susan C. Young
To be truly satisfied that your life is well-lived, the object of your passion is something you feel you must be, do, or have. What lights your fire? Susan C. Young
Passion is not just about the object of your focus or desires–it is the compelling emotion, fulfillment, and intense enthusiasm that it engenders. Susan C. Young
Are you impressed when you meet people who are filled with passion and conviction? Their energy is contagious and can make us all want “some of what they’re having! Susan C. Young
When a person exudes passion, it is evident that they love what they are doing. Their passion projects an aura of confidence and decisiveness. Susan C. Young
Sharing your passion with others will not only enlighten them to your dedication and commitment, it can enable you to garner their participation, collaboration, cooperation, and endorsement. Susan C. Young
When we are deeply passionate about something, the obstacles or challenges are diminished by sheer will and desire. Susan C. Young
When you want something badly enough, it does not matter whether it is going to be easy. The passion will push you forward. Susan C. Young
When people are not passionate about their goals, everything is more of a struggle. Susan C. Young
Passion is the fire that gets us moving and keeps us motivated regardless of what roadblocks impede the way. Susan C. Young
When your passion is aligned with your purpose, you are unstoppable! It is in that zone of high octane congruence that you are turned on and "cooking with gas. Susan C. Young
Passionate people are great about discovering what lights their fire and going for it. They might be encouraged by others who share their passion, but they don’t rely on others to tell them what they need to do or how they need to do it. Susan C. Young
When you take the high road to living a virtuous life, you are fortified by knowing that regardless of what life throws your way or what storms may rage, you are grounded in goodness. In this, you secure not only your own integrity, but you secure it in the eyes others. Susan C. Young
Think of the people whom you love, like, trust, and admire. Isn’t their integrity the golden thread which elevates them to a higher standard in your eyes and in your heart? Susan C. Young