Quotes From "Relativity" By M.A. George

I didn’t intend it to come out sarcastically, but I guess that’s just where my tone of voice automatically goes these days. M.A. George
Phrase the question any way you like… The answer will still be ‘Kiss my ass. M.A. George
I paused for a moment, debating whether to turn and look what was happening. My senses told me Obo’s presence was still at my side, and turning my face into the barrel of a gun seemed like an ill-advised way to cap off this day of monumentally stupid decisions. M.A. George
Wow…At least I can rest assured that you definitely can’t read my mind, ” I remarked. “Clearly you know nothing about me…because the surest way to keep me from doing something is to tell me I have no other choice. M.A. George
It’s a sad state of affairs when I’m the one bringing sanity to the equation M.A. George
There’s an empty seat next to me in the ‘intensely aggravating’ section…and it’s got your name on it M.A. George
I missed her smile…the way she would roll her eyes when she thought I was being ridiculous…the quiet way she almost tiptoed when she walked that gave her away as a ballerina…the fact that she could probably give me a fairly decent ass-kicking if she set her mind to it. I missed it all. I missed her. M.A. George
The cleanest civilization I’ve ever seen…and the number one thing you pack for a wedding is a jar of dirt? M.A. George
Suddenly, I saw ocean again–then another horizon line–but this time the deep blue sky was on the wrong side of the line…the Holy crap, we’re upside down side. M.A. George
But you know as well as I do that anger won’t solve anything.”“ I beg to differ, ” he shrugged. “Anger can be quite rewarding…at least for those of us who have the option of blasting our enemies to oblivion. M.A. George
With an ashamed sigh, I confessed, “You have seen nothing but the worst of me since then, Aeron. I’ve been a bitter, defiant, irrational shrew…and now I’m selfishly dragging you into a hopeless situation against your better judgment. What would possibly entice you to make good on a marriage proposal under such circumstances?”“ You would…” his voice was gentle, as his troubled eyes searched mine. “If what I’ve seen is the worst of you…then it will be a miracle if I ever find a way to deserve you. . M.A. George
My only regret, ” he gently tugged me back toward him, “would be leaving this world before naming you as my wife. If I die tomorrow, at least I’ll have that to my credit.” Wrapping his arms around my waist, he vowed, “You don’t have to be queen…but you will not fall into obscurity on a foreign world. You will bear the Omuran name, and I have to believe that will protect you.” He brought his forehead to rest against mine, adding sorrowfully, “I have to believe that our family line wasn’t meant to end with this. M.A. George
I tried not to think of all the horror movies featuring this exact scenario, soon to be followed by an abundance of gratuitous blood and gore. M.A. George
My instincts told me that death would somehow be…different. But my rational mind reminded me that I had probably tempted fate one too many times. At least, I thought it was my rational mind. It sure seemed like the usual voice inside my head. Thank God there was only one of them. M.A. George
A teasing smirk flitted across his face, as he completed his thought, “I’ll try not to take it too hard if I fail miserably, because you can be the world’s greatest skeptic…”“ Nah…” I coughed out a little chuckle, “not when you’re involved. I’m your number one fan… You couldn’t shake me if you tried.” I gave him a playful wink, adding musingly, “Though I might stop short of hanging out in the bushes with binoculars…”“ Well, then, ” he grinned, “clearly you’re not my number one fan. M.A. George
We broke into laughter–the kind that’s your only recourse when you feel like curling up in a fetal position and whimpering like a little girl. M.A. George
And you’re okay with this?...” I studied his calm expression, my own features anything but calm.“ Noooo…” Aeron drew the word out lazily with a slow, deliberate shake of his head. His face remained strangely composed.“ Then can I please have some of whatever sedative you took…because this, ” I waved my hand, motioning from his head to his feet, “is way too cool under pressure. M.A. George
See, that’s just it… You shouldn’t even know sayings like that, ” I griped. “It takes normal people years to pick up on all those little phrases. Do you have any idea how stupid I feel, when I can’t even say ‘Hello, my name is Palta…Oh, and by the way– I’m the village idiot.’? M.A. George
You can be intensely aggravating...” His expression struck me as closer to boredom than aggravation. “And somehow I suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve been told that.”“ Nope, ” I smiled mischievously. “Nor the last… M.A. George
Ah yes…” He made an exaggerated nod. “I was supposed to be filling you in on Nangí’s story.” He winked at me playfully, as I kept up my glare. “Now, where should I begin?”“ Tell you what, let me get you started, ” I came back. “Once upon a time, there was this über-creepy old man–who looks like he lives in a haunted shack and eats small children for breakfast–and I decided to make him my new best friend becaaauuse… Okay, your turn. . M.A. George