Quotes From "Postcards And Pearls: Life Lessons From Solo Moments On The Road" By Gina Greenlee

Follow your heart. Then root its longing with the facts.
Follow your heart. Then root its longing with the facts. Gina Greenlee
No moment is too small to claim. Strung together, moments fashion a life. Gina Greenlee
Showing up begins long before you stand at the start. Prove yourself an exception in a world where people talk more than act. Intent without follow-through is hollow. Disappoint yourself enough times and empty is how you feel. Make yourself proud. Fill yourself up. Show up. Gina Greenlee
Risk: no full life occurs without it. Gina Greenlee
Practice makes comfort. Expand your experiences regularlyso every stretch won’t feel like your first. Gina Greenlee
Mistakes help to sharpen your next steps. They don’t prove that you shouldn’t try again. Gina Greenlee
Each of us has our definition of adventure: ending an unsatisfyingrelationship, returning to school, parachute jumping or training for amarathon. Go ahead. Get your thrill on. Gina Greenlee
Stand up for yourself by not standing yourself up. Gina Greenlee
We can talk about it, dream about it and dissect the fine print. In the end, only action satisfies our longing. Gina Greenlee
To believe that we can have what we want is an act of trust — not only of others but also, ourselves. Gina Greenlee
If companionship is a mandate for all of our experiences, then we will miss out on many of life’s blessings. Gina Greenlee
The study book for life’s tests is the whole of our experience. Though we mayfeel unprepared, tests appear only when we are truly ready to ace them. Gina Greenlee
What would happen if you gave yourself permission to do somethingyou’ve never done before? There’s only one way to find out. Gina Greenlee
What do you resist examining up close? How can you ground yourself so you feel safe enough to try? Gina Greenlee
The notion of the perfect time is more than myth. It's the ultimate self-delusion. Gina Greenlee
Feeling lonely? Wish you had a special someone to help fill the void? Reconsider your definition of romance, reconnect to your passions and be swept away. Gina Greenlee
Cultivate the art of maximizing serendipitous opportunities. Gina Greenlee
It's tempting to believe that a break from life's routine will only cause chaos. But regimen does not ensure security. The only constant we can count on is change. Gina Greenlee
Forgive someone today. Especially if that someone is you. Gina Greenlee
One of the best kinds of thrill is defining, honoring, and achieving our goals. Gina Greenlee