Quotes From "Naps: Discover The Power Of Night Audio Programs" By Stephen Richards

You can make as many NAPS as you like, but...
You can make as many NAPS as you like, but unless they have clean language in the narration then you could well be sabotaging your own dreams! Stephen Richards
Our power to think is infinite, consequently that means our creative power is unlimited! Stephen Richards
Allowing a negative sentence in your head to end itself forms the very nucleus of negative thoughtforms! Stephen Richards
Once you clear that mind clutter out, the doorways for what you desire are open. Stephen Richards
Avoid Law of Attraction counterfeits. Build solid foundations for your consciousness and your subconscious will soon play ball with you. Stephen Richards
By priming your subconscious mind you are allowing it to run in the background, and that way you are actually sending out positive thoughtforms from your subconscious in the waking state! Stephen Richards
The only way is to keep going forward. Ceaseless attention isn’t what creates success. Yes, give one thought the initial boost it needs, and want it like a lifeline to a new life, a new beginning, a new whatever! Then just let it go! Stephen Richards
We have to believe that the thought we have is piecing together for us the thing we are thinking of and is actually carrying it closer and closer to us! Stephen Richards
During a Zen Satori moment we have zero fear, zero anxiety and zero melancholy. All we have are powerful thought forces, yet in the fully conscious state our self-limiting beliefs can continually send the things we actually desire further away from us! Stephen Richards
You simply feel out for the thoughtwaves of those others with a similar thought, the attraction between minds. As you are all aware, like attracts like! Stephen Richards
The real Law of Attraction has many counterfeits which are more or less fascinating, but the results are worthless. Stephen Richards
Remember: worry, fear, and negative thoughts produce a yield from those thoughts that have to be inevitably reaped after they have been sown! Stephen Richards
If I could take you all back to being babies and just clear those bad habits you learned into adulthood away then the manifesting part would be so easy. Stephen Richards
The great fact is that the source of all you desire comes from within! The answers to these needs will be found within you. Stephen Richards
Just feel it, feel that connection and allow it. You will soon find that you attract similar influences. Stephen Richards
If a painter started out with a canvas and a brush and changed his/her mind every fifteen minutes, what result could he/she expect? So why should we expect any different a result in molding the greatest of all substances — thoughtform? Stephen Richards
Subconscious thought is what we bring into play when true manifesting is practiced. Stephen Richards
Conscious thinking is something we do naturally, and any type of manifesting from this part of the mind shows up in all facets of our lives if we realize it or not. Stephen Richards
It is what we employ from the subconscious mind that is the most productive for manifesting! Stephen Richards
With regards any type of manifesting, when you are inspired or not inspired, you created it! Stephen Richards