Quotes From "Misadventurous" By S.A. Tawks

I think the last thing you should do to someone willing to put your penis in their mouth is give them criticism. S.A. Tawks
You're a man, man. That means seeing two rocks on the ground that kind of look like tits will arouse you. S.A. Tawks
I didn't let what I wanted to do become a made up memory that I looked back on years down the road and wished it was real. S.A. Tawks
Honestly, if I stay on this gruelling path, I'm going to end up as another suicide statistic. S.A. Tawks
I must have appeared like a real bad boy in Christy's eyes. Well, at least a bad boy by home and away standards. S.A. Tawks
It wasn't a glorious or grand act of misadventure but it was a start. It wasn't what I should have done but it was what I truly wanted to do. S.A. Tawks
A fight needs at least two fighters. Sometimes you can win straight away by not fighting. S.A. Tawks
Someone who lives vicariously will never be truly happy because they're not happy with themselves. S.A. Tawks
If you're not happy with yourself, how can you even begin to figure out if another person makes you happy, annoyed, angry, sad and so on. S.A. Tawks
This is your chance. Are you going to cower and make excuses or are you going to do what you really want to do? S.A. Tawks
It seemed, at that point, my greed and cunningness were being rewarded. S.A. Tawks
She'd been fed anti-consumerist bullshit by her parents but didn't understand simple economics. S.A. Tawks
Now comes the hard part. Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. Just say Peyton. S.A. Tawks
It's called the kindness of a fellow human being. You should try it sometime, ya fuck. S.A. Tawks
So much to do but so many incompetent workers, " I said, playing to his take-no-shit-get-in-and-fucking-do-it attitude. S.A. Tawks
At least I can say I once worked a day on a tea plantation in Far North Queensland. S.A. Tawks
Everyday something unexpected happened. Everyday was exciting. Everyday was a misadventure. S.A. Tawks
The acceptance of just one person is enough to silence the rejection of thousands. S.A. Tawks
But now I think he was trying to teach me to never feel entitled because life can be a cruel bitch at times. S.A. Tawks
Where's your sense of misadventure? S.A. Tawks