Quotes From "How To Build Selfesteem And Be Confident: Overcome Fears Break Habits Be Successful And Happy" By Maddy Malhotra

God is full of love, joy and peace. Every religion has said that God is within us or we are a part of God so why do we think small? Why do we have limiting beliefs about our success? Why do we not love ourselves? Why do we have fears? Isn’t thinking negative/small a sin then? Maddy Malhotra
It's easy and natural to be thankful when your expectations are met. The real test of your faith is when things don't go your way, or when you are in pain. Maddy Malhotra
Choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely. Be your own best friend, and not your enemy. Maddy Malhotra
Transform from being a fault-finder and blamer to a happiness-finder and appreciator. Maddy Malhotra
Transform from being a fault-finder and blamer to a happiness-finder and appreciator. Positive emotions will increase in your life. Maddy Malhotra
CHOOSE WISELY'Birth wasn't your choice, and neither shall death be. But the way you live your lifeis your choice, buddy. Maddy Malhotra
The quality of our thoughts and emotions impact our body more than the quality of the food which we eat. Maddy Malhotra
Problems are inevitable. Happiness is optional. Maddy Malhotra
Transform, from a fault-finder and blamer to a solution-finder and appreciator. Maddy Malhotra
The key to achieving desired results and gaining freedom from unwanted feelings lies within you. Maddy Malhotra
Running a marathon with a backpack is tough and may hinder you from winning the race. Don’t let the baggage from your past - heavy with fear, guilt, and anger - slow you down. Maddy Malhotra
It's not physical weight which stops us from moving forward in life. It's the mental baggage we carry all day long which sabotages our success and happiness. Maddy Malhotra
Don't be enslaved by your negative thoughts. It's your mind, so take control of it - now! Maddy Malhotra
The greatest pollution problem is not found in the atmosphere, water, or soil; but in the minds of 90% of the population, which are contaminated with negative thoughts and beliefs. Maddy Malhotra
Depression, anger, and sadness are states of mind, and so are happiness, peace, and contentment. You can choose to be in any of these states because it's your mind. Maddy Malhotra
Your mind can make the darkest day bright and the brightest day dark. Maddy Malhotra
Like food is to the body, self-talk is to the mind. Don't let any junk thoughts repeat in your head. Maddy Malhotra
No child ever became ‘good’ by being told that she or he was bad or by beating her/him. Maddy Malhotra
It's not hard to create self-beliefs that produce a successful and happy life. The main job is to unlearn your limiting beliefs. Maddy Malhotra
Others can’t give you inner-peace. Your children, spouse, priest or friends can’t give it to you. You have to create it yourself. Maddy Malhotra