Quotes From "Future Strong" By Bill Jensen

Reliance in its most basic, daily, form is being part of a group that lives by a pact: To always have each other’s backs – no matter what – so that everyone comes out future strong. Bill Jensen
Reliance in its purest, highest, form is a code to live by: That every life matters. Every future matters. Taking care of each other matters. And our shared purpose is to create amazing futures for our children’s children. Bill Jensen
Reliance is the ultimate measure of a team’s or organization’s culture. It’s not 'Would I recommend a friend to work here?' It’s 'Would this group of people put their ass on the line for me?' And 'Would I do the same for them? Bill Jensen
If you want a strong future: Becoming secure with insecurity is the best security you can have. Bill Jensen
If you want to lead others into a strong future: You need to be keenly aware of how your own inner truths – biases, fears, courage, values and dreams – do or do not impact the daily work of others. Bill Jensen
If you want a strong future: You need to get past the stories that you have told yourself and others. You need to hear the heartbeatthat’s the real you. Bill Jensen
Me comes before we. You need to become future strong before you can help others do the same. Bill Jensen
Your career will include thousands of opportunities to transform yourself. Many will disrupt all that you have built. Each is an opportunity to choose to be vulnerable, to let go, to be reborn. Bill Jensen
All the statistics about how many jobs you’ll have over your lifetime… (15-20) and how many companies you’ll work for… while true, completely miss the point! From now on, treat those numbers as red herrings – crucial only to HR directors, leaders and companies who are stuck in the past. The Rule of Disruptive Personal Transformation: Every year, you will experience about 100 significant transformative moments. Most will be thrust upon you by the disruptive churn of our times. Driven, focused people know which 3–5 to seize each year as crucial to their future. . Bill Jensen
Future strong individuals will not take on personal sacrifices, hardships and corporate crap that sidetrack them from their dreams and goals. Bill Jensen
To be future strong, you will face difficult hardships. Usually, there is no absolutely right or absolutely wrong choice. The key is to be intentional: Choosing the best hardships for your best future. Bill Jensen
Future strong cultures and relationships are built upon intense 'I have your back' bonds. Bill Jensen
Future Strong leaders are driven by a core question: What do I want my legacy to be? That requires a lot of searching one’s inner truths, and being brutally honest about how that compares to one’s daily actions. Bill Jensen
Working for a company must help individuals achieve their dreams and goals more efficiently and effectively than they could achieve them elsewhere. Bill Jensen
Calling upon our crucible moments allows us to transcend our own limitations. Those moments create completely new possibilities within each of us. Bill Jensen
Tomorrow’s workforce is flopping the relationship lens: They see companies as vehicles to achieve their goals and dreamsâ€Å–â€Åvehicles that can amplify their passions, achievements and community relationships beyond what they could have done on their own or elsewhere. Companies that they will join are seen as communities that explore and resource and fund making a difference in the world in ways that align with their personal approach and values. Bill Jensen
The biggest, toughest competition in the future will be the battle for your time and attention. Your one thing – your call to adventure – is your best tool in that battle. Bill Jensen
Loyalty – deep, intense, devoted loyalty – to a leader or a culture, to any group, brand or idea, goes far beyond being engaged or having our needs met. We see our emotional selves in that connection. We see our future, our best selves and our better angels in that connection. Bill Jensen
Do not wait for vulnerability to be thrust upon you by your company or the marketplace. That is when you lost control of your own destiny. Choose to disrupt yourself. Seek vulnerability on your terms, no one else's. Bill Jensen
Future strong leadership means being willing to stand alone. Often, the times we feel most vulnerable are when we stand alone, before others join us. When we choose to be the first voice echoing above the silence. Standing strong, alone. Bill Jensen