Quotes From "A Familiar Rain" By John Geddes

...some nights I'd sneak out and listen to the radio...
...some nights I'd sneak out and listen to the radio in my Dad's old Chevy - children need solitude - they don't teach that in school... John Geddes
...the wet brush of snowflakes was like your kisses everywhere...
...the wet brush of snowflakes was like your kisses everywhere ... John Geddes
...no good writing flows from a polluted well - you...
...no good writing flows from a polluted well - you can write about monsters, but you can't be one... John Geddes
...I don't just wish you rain, Beloved - I wish...
...I don't just wish you rain, Beloved - I wish you the beauty of storms... John Geddes
...true love is an irrevocable act - you can only give your heart away once - after that, you give as much as you have left ... John Geddes
...wherever there is society, there is authority and the temptation to disobedience because our individual wills refuse to submit... John Geddes
...you think so logically...like a hawk soaring - I feel so chaotically...like a kite without a tail plummeting to earth... John Geddes
...you fantasize about me reading my poems to you - it doesn't work that way - I write down everything later - living is not an after-thought... John Geddes
...if you always move in certainty, your writing will be flat - creativity is a rugged terrain... John Geddes
...is worship too strong a word? yes, I worship you - to worship is to give worth to something — isn’t that what love is all about?... John Geddes
...art is weaker than life - in the end I have a bag of letters to scrabble into order - rune tiles to cast my fate... John Geddes
...how are you sacred to me? your lines are golden threads - your patter, my patten - I explore the liturgy of your words... John Geddes
...being with you was so easy and natural - there was no strain - I never had to guard my words... John Geddes
...all this time I've been worshiping you - when other men wanted to kiss you, I've been offering the praise of my lips... John Geddes
...you know I wanted a Madonna, not a whore - I made you sacred offering you my words... John Geddes
...words are so strong and I am so timid - my soul ignores warnings and I end up covered with your paint ... John Geddes
...I gave you painted air - tears I couldn't weep - truths I couldn't speak - all the words that caught in my throat... John Geddes
...you can be angry and silent, but it's no use - there's no distance in the spirit - besides, my words touch you more softly than my hands... John Geddes
...when you're hard and unyielding your words score me with lines - I hate lines - I want curves - curves are happy like a snowman ... John Geddes
...I need you to be a listener - you need me to hang word on. We're friends because neither has discovered a limit where the other ends... John Geddes