It's politics .. . It makes everybody stupid. When you grow up, you'll know what I mean.

Pat Conroy
It's politics .. . It makes everybody stupid. When you...
It's politics .. . It makes everybody stupid. When you...
It's politics .. . It makes everybody stupid. When you...
It's politics .. . It makes everybody stupid. When you...
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Mr. Spock is a fictional character from the Star Trek franchise. He is an android, a member of a race of humanoid robots from the planet Vulcan. In the original series, he was the first officer of the USS Enterprise and later captain of its sister ship, the Enterprise-B.

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country , he was depicted as being over 200 years old, which makes him politically senescent. This quote is too true. I believe that we should keep our political opinions to ourselves and not let them turn us into stupid people.

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