What discoveries I made in the course of writing stories all begin with the particular, never the general. They are mostly hindsight: arrows that I now find I myself have left behind me, which have shown me some right, or wrong, way I have come. What one story may have pointed out to me is of no avail in the writing of another. But 'avail' is not what I want; freedom ahead is what each story promises - beginning anew. And all the while, as further hindsight has told me, certain patterns in my work repeat themselves without my realizing. There would be no way of knowing this, for during the writing of any single story, there is no other existing. Each writer must find out for himself, I imagine, on what basis he lives with his own stories. . Eudora Welty
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A writer is constantly searching for the meaning of life through literature. By writing, he believes he can help resolve the issues that disturb people's lives. This quote illustrates how a writer knows his own language and can identify the meaning of any story he writes. He believes that every story has only one meaning, which is not right or wrong but simply different depending on the reader's situation.

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