Man! What are you? Who are you? Just a shadow in this universe! You always forget this and the truth will always remind you what you really are! Do you want to be a real thing, not just a shadow? Improve your science ten thousand times; improve your science hundred thousand times! If you can’t improve your science, you will remain as a miserable shadow! Mehmet Murat Ildan
About This Quote

This quote is a very powerful and motivational one. The reason for this is the use of the word science. Science is a huge and broad subject and it can be difficult to understand its importance in the real world. However, when we know what it is, we realize that it has helped us greatly in our life.

It has helped us learn more about the world around us and understand the natural sciences better than ever before. It has also helped us discover what we can do to improve our science and improve our lives even more.

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  2. To know the history of science is to recognize the mortality of any claim to universal truth. - Evelyn Fox Keller

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  1. Face the truth or the truth will face you!

  2. Challenging the truth is like playing tennis against the wall! The defeat is inevitable!

  3. The whispering of the truth is stronger than the thunderstorm of the untruth!

  4. With faith, you may get stuck in a very big lie and may lose the truth forever; but with doubt, you can always reach the truth!

  5. Max Lucado says that ‘A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.’ That is true and a man who wants to find out the truth must also do the same thing!

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