I had an enemy - myself. Getting rid of the ego-self, in came the Self. Now, here, there, everywhere is nothing else. Just One Self.

Fakeer Ishavardas
I had an enemy - myself. Getting rid of the...
I had an enemy - myself. Getting rid of the...
I had an enemy - myself. Getting rid of the...
I had an enemy - myself. Getting rid of the...
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The ego is a powerful thing. It can be a source of great strength but, at the same time, it can be an enemy. We are often so caught up in our own problems that we fail to see the bright side of them. When we do learn to see the brighter side of things we find that we don’t even need anything to help us – we can do it all by ourselves.

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  1. Little people make tall claims. As being this-that avatar or messiah. Some even say they're God. Well, if they are, I'm their grand-pop.

  2. I'm joking when I say I'm the grand-pop of those claiming to be an avatar-messiah or god. But if they're serious, then, I am who I am.

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  5. Killing or eating animals is an act of beasts. Stirs within the devil. Sorry. It spurs evil. Thus is truth - at least the metaphysical.

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