The death of American soldiers is as painful as the death of civilians in Afghanistan, and what makes our world a better place is not pouring more guns and weapons in this country, but educating the uneducated population. Since, those guns can ended up in the hands of dangerous group that can take the lives of many poor people in Afghanistan and everywhere else. M.F. Moonzajer
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This quote is in contradiction to the popular belief that the United States is the only country in the world with problems, which are caused by America. The U.S. government has made mistakes, but it also makes its share of mistakes in other countries. What’s more, it’s not true that American soldiers die in Afghanistan because they are fighting terrorism.

They die because they are dying in wars that they were sent to fight. At the same time, it would be wrong to say that American soldiers never cause civilian deaths. They do.

So, what makes our world a better place is not pouring more guns and weapons into the country, but educating the uneducated population so they can make their own decisions without falling under extremist influence...

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