I think part of my purpose in this life is to talk about magic, and to make it.

Theodora Goss
I think part of my purpose in this life is...
I think part of my purpose in this life is...
I think part of my purpose in this life is...
I think part of my purpose in this life is...
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To be a true magician, you have to believe that there is such a thing as magic and that it can be created. Anyone who has ever believed in magic will agree that it can be created, but at the same time, they will also know that it cannot be created. That’s because magic is not something that can be made or manufactured. It is the very thing we call the universe and it is what keeps us alive.

From the moment we’re born we are surrounded by magic and we become so accustomed to the wonder of it all that we forget what we were like when we were new-borns. We see magic everyday, but no matter how much we see, even if we are exposed to magic every day, our eyes are still dazzled by its beauty.

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