To love makes one solitary.

Virginia Woolf
To love makes one solitary.
To love makes one solitary.
To love makes one solitary.
To love makes one solitary.
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Many people love to be alone, and they do it because it makes them feel good. They like the solitude and quiet of their own company. But there is a price to pay for loving solitude. It can make you lonely, and sometimes lonely is painful.

There are also people who want to be alone and like having time to themselves, but they don’t like being lonely and they try very hard not to let someone else into their world. They may not want anyone in their life except themselves, or they may want companionship but only from the right person. The fact that we need other people is obvious; but we need other people in different ways.

Sometimes we need them to be there for us when we hurt, to share our sadness with us, and to be our friend when we’re feeling down.

Source: Mrs. Dalloway

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