If God existed (a question concerning which Jubal maintained a meticulous intellectual neutrality) and if He desired to be worshiped (a proposition which Jubal found inherently improbable but conceivably possible in the dim light of his own ignorance), then (stipulating affirmatively both the above) it nevertheless seemed wildly unlikely to Jubal to the point of reductio ad absurdum that a God potent to shape galaxies would be titillated and swayed by the whoop-te-do nonsense the Fosterites offered Him as "worship. Robert A. Heinlein
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Jubal developed the view that if God existed and if God wanted to be worshiped, then it was very unlikely that a God who was potent to shape galaxies would be swayed by the whoop-te-do nonsense the Fosterites offered Him as "worship". He noted that it seemed to him that a God of power and subtlety would have a much better way of working out His will than in being manipulated by people who were "stupid enough to think that what they did was going to effect or even influence His will.

Source: Stranger In A Strange Land

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