Thus with my lips have I denounced you, while my heart, bleeding within me, called you tender names. It was love lashed by its own self that spoke. It was pride half slain that fluttered in the dust. It was my hunger for your love that raged from the housetop, while my own love, kneeling in silence, prayed your forgiveness. Kahlil Gibran
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There is a story in the Bible of a man who was betrayed and deceived by his own wife. After this betrayal, he left her and went to live in a different place. His heart was filled with bitterness and hatred for his wife. She called on him three times to return to her, but he refused.

This is called “kneeling in silence” and it is the way that we must respond when we are betrayed or deceived by people we love. It is difficult to continue loving someone after they have hurt us so deeply, but we must never turn away from them.

Source: The Forerunner: His Parables And Poems

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