Love taught me to die with dignity that I might come forth anew in splendor. Born once of flesh, then again of fire, I was reborn a third time to the sound of my name humming haikus in heaven’s mouth.

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A haiku poem is a Japanese poetry form consisting of three lines, five syllables per line, and a concluding syllable. The first line is called the ma-i or opening word, the second line is the san-chi or middle word, and the third line is the yo-yomi or ending word. The haiku form has been called a "verbal form of Zen meditation." A haiku has a sense of movement and focuses on presenting a small moment of time that evokes a larger feeling. The first two words of each haiku are called kigo, a Japanese word that refers to a seasonal word that carries a certain feeling about it.

Source: The River Of Winged Dreams

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