Poetry keeps my heart neat, even when incomplete, I find peace.

Delano Johnson
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Poetry keeps your heart neat, even when incomplete, I find peace. Music is the best therapy for my troubled mind. Poetry makes me feel complete. It gives me a clarity that I can never find when reading prose.

The rhythm of poetry at least gives me the opportunity to say the things that are in my heart. Poetry feeds my soul, it’s like food to my body. Poetry enhances my spirit, it’s like energy to my body.

Poetry gives me peace, it’s like air to my body. Poetry is my favorite way to say things in an attempt to make them meaningful and worthwhile. Poetry is a form of expression that I can trust to make sense in response to life’s frustrations and joys.

Poetry is the only thing that makes sense when life becomes too confusing and too difficult to understand.

Source: Rare Images Of Love

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