35 "Zooey Deschanel" Quotes And Sayings

Zooey Deschanel is an American actress and songwriter. She has had leading roles in films such as Elf, "Almost Famous", and She's Out of My League, and has appeared in films such as "The Happening", "Yes Man", and "The Good Girl". Her television work includes starring roles in the Fox comedy series "New Girl" and the CBS sitcom "Mike & Molly", and a recurring role on the HBO comedy series "Bored to Death". Deschanel's film directorial debut My Idiot Brother was released in 2010 Read more

She next starred in David Frankel's adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel "Fever Pitch." Deschanel wrote and starred in a pilot called The New Adventures of Old Christine, which was never picked up by NBC, but was offered to ABC Family.

I think my knowledge of music theory is rooted in jazz theory, and a lot of the writers of standards — Rodgers and Hart, and Gershwin. Zooey Deschanel
I never stop myself from doing something because I’m afraid of what people might think. Zooey Deschanel
One day my best friend said to me 'Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots' and that was the deal breaker, now we're mortal enemies Zooey Deschanel
Sites like Funny or Die and College Humor are great, but I'd say it's appealing to 80% men and 20% women. Zooey Deschanel
Humor is a part of spirituality. Zooey Deschanel
It's cool cause my sister is older than me and we went to the same high school, so by the time I got to high school, I got the lowdown on all the teachers and everything. Zooey Deschanel
I went to Northwestern because I had gone to a really nontraditional high school. I was like, 'It'd be cool to have a traditional college experience.' Then I was like, 'Oh, but none of these people understand what's cool about me. My specialness is not appreciated in this place.' Zooey Deschanel
Growing up in Hollywood meant there were a lot of film stars' kids at my school - but no conspicuous wealth. It wasn't cool to show off that you had money. Zooey Deschanel
I think there's a certain space people have decided I occupy - the funny-sidekick thing. Zooey Deschanel
I just like music that sounds like music. Not like machines and computers and things that you design to make things sound slick and perfect. Zooey Deschanel
Classic Christmas cookies are really time-consuming. Instead, make a bar you can bake in a pan and just cut up, like a brownie or a blondie or a shortbread, which still has that Christmas vibe. Zooey Deschanel
I love singing Christmas carols. I know every harmony to every music-hall Christmas song. Zooey Deschanel
One thing I love about Christmas music is that it has a tradition of warmth. Zooey Deschanel
If people just want to be famous, that's just not enough to get you up at 4 in the morning to go to work. You have to love what you're doing. Zooey Deschanel
I sort of consider myself a comedic actress, not a comedienne. I think it's different. You know, I'm not a stand-up or anything, but playing into comedic situations is sort of where, I think, my strength lies. Zooey Deschanel
I think I'm a fun flatmate. I'm always cheerful. I go on tour with my band so it's 12 people on one bus and I feel like I'm the one who's happy in the morning. I'm not a chaotic person, but I might slack off on doing the dishes from time to time. Zooey Deschanel
If you're eight and you live in Los Angeles and everybody has toys and you go to a country that has a Marxist dictatorship and there are no toy stores and nobody speaks English and it's blazing hot every day and they only have fish, which you don't like, then you tend not to appreciate the cultural lessons you're learning. Zooey Deschanel
When I exercise, I like to take lots of different classes because I want to really apply myself and feel like I'm learning a new skill. Not that I ever want to have to demonstrate any of those skills! Zooey Deschanel
There's a vegan and gluten-free bakery called BabyCakes that I love. They've got shops in New York and Los Angeles. Their stuff is amazing. Zooey Deschanel
I feel there are tone singers, and there are more vocal gymnastics singers. And I think that's amazing when people can do that, but I think there's room for the tone singers. And there aren't a lot of them. Zooey Deschanel