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Zack Love is a well-known speaker, radio personality and author. He is the host of the well-known nationally syndicated radio show "Real Life with Zack Love" and a frequent guest on The Today Show, The View, The O'Reilly Factor, CNN Headline News, The Jim Rome Show and many more. He has also appeared on many other TV shows including Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel, Fox News Channel's Fox Report Live, Geraldo at Large, Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, Entertainment Tonight and many others. Mr Read more

Love is also an Associate Pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas Texas.

But I stayed up thinking about how I've been lying to him, no less than I lie to myself in my pre-sleep ritual. And I lied to him again just as we were growing more intimate than ever and he asked me about my scar. Zack Love
He clearly suffers from some past traumas too, so hopefully...
He clearly suffers from some past traumas too, so hopefully he'll understand why I was untruthful to him about mine. Zack Love
Adding to my emotional dizziness on Sunday, I spoke with...
Adding to my emotional dizziness on Sunday, I spoke with my sister, who kept noting how amazing Michael is, and what a brave and selfless man he is for having helped as he did. Zack Love
My past still haunts me when I sleep, although I...
My past still haunts me when I sleep, although I saw that - much to my surprise- his does as well. Zack Love
But then, as I looked in the mirror, I became fixated on some hairs near my carotid artery that were still there. I pushed the blade deep against my neck to shave them off, and then blood squirted out. Zack Love
A few minutes later, my eyes began to feel a...
A few minutes later, my eyes began to feel a bit droopy, but I vaguely noticed that Anissa was whispering something. Zack Love
The lead-up to the moment was magical in every respect,...
The lead-up to the moment was magical in every respect, but a part of me was, and still is, uneasy about the whole thing for many reasons. Zack Love
In addition to my new outlook on life, in some absurdly simple way, Anissa gave me several new reasons to live. Above all, I had to see her again and find out what, if anything, would happen between her and me. Zack Love
But I did feel the vertigo of death’s invitation, beckoning me towards the dark waters below. Only a newfound perspective and desire steadied my wavering soul. I came to realize, just in time, that suicide was far too easy — and obscenely cowardly — after someone I knew, not even half my age, had been through so much worse and still marched gloriously on. Zack Love
She was somehow this damaged creature I had fortuitously encountered along my path and now cared about as a result. Granted, I didn't cause her harm, as I did with Icarus, but I somehow began to feel responsible for her welfare. Zack Love
The danger of prolonged despair is its tendency to cloud...
The danger of prolonged despair is its tendency to cloud the gift of a new beginning that every tomorrow offers. --Anissa's Redemption Zack Love
Honest dishonesty. That’s quite the oxymoron — but I like the originality that you’ve brought to bear in the art of rationalization. Maybe you should consider becoming a lawyer, ” he added jokingly. Zack Love
The unlikely group that resulted from the union of five diverse characters in their late twenties operated with surprising harmony. This cohesiveness could be attributed to two factors: 1) everyone’s issues and embarrassing pasts were plainly disclosed prior to the gang’s formation and 2) the clan had been expressly conceived as a male support group. Zack Love
Still not sure about how easily he could be integrated into their posse, Trevor smiled in delighted relief at how tolerantly two of his close friends had received his new identity. Zack Love
You and your siblings are the most precious part of my life. And of all my children, you have the most potential to go anywhere you wish in this world — your test scores and grades have always been among the highest of your peers. But it’s clear now that you cannot reach your full potential in Syria. Zack Love
It’s not a bad thing, if you’re responsible about it. Just don’t start having boyfriends. Wait until you’ve found your husband.” “And how am I supposed to find a husband if I can’t have a boyfriend until then?” I asked ironically. Zack Love
And you can do far more for us from America than you can from here, where you’re just another defenseless Christian. So if you really want to help, Inas, then you’ll go to the very best school you can get into and earn the best grades you can. Zack Love
It will all work out, Inas. You come from a long line of survivors and strong women. So everything will be fine in the end. And we are always with you in spirit, to guide you and love you. Zack Love
I’m not sure. But — unless I’m struggling with the darkness within — I like to sustain the illusion that death is actually much further from me than it really is. Zack Love
Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism employed to avoid cognitive dissonance. Zack Love
Sometimes violence is necessary to prevent even more violence, ” I concluded, almost as if it were an epiphany. Zack Love
Because in the end, we die. It’s like Chekhov observed in so many of his plays: ‘in two hundred years, no one will even know we were here. Zack Love
So our narcissism has bared forth an unflattering nakedness that shames our species. But this is humanity. This is our condition. Zack Love
Well, on some level, it’s similar to the psychological phenomenon of helplessness, where the will to try is lost. You get to the point where you just assume that your spontaneous call to a friend will go to voicemail or an assistant, and you decide not to bother. Zack Love
Don’t invite envy to your house — you never know who will show up, ” she used to warn me. Zack Love
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) Zack Love
Isn’t it better just to make your own money, and then spend it how and when you want, and with dignity? Zack Love
So your theory would seem to be that lying to yourself is no lie at all because you haven’t deceived any third party. And if you then convince yourself of those lies, you’ll believe them enough to repeat them to other with the genuine conviction that they’re true.” "Something like that, ” I conceded uneasily. Zack Love
The male tax?”“ Yeah. The tax that men have to pay for not having to menstruate every month. Or risk getting pregnant. Or deal with the physically stronger sex in a macho world… Women have to put up with all that stuff, so the least we men can do is pay the male tax and get the tab. Zack Love
I got it! I got it! ” Heeb declared triumphantly. Evan stopped in the middle of his kitchenette to hear Heeb’s idea. “Sex in the Title.”“Yeah, that’s what you’ve been saying I need.”“ No, that’s the title: ‘Sex in the Title.’”“You want me to call my novel ‘Sex in the Title?’”“Yeah. Isn’t it great? Zack Love
I kept returning to this new and bizarre question: is there anything that actually is as it seems? Is anything perceptually straightforward? Maybe that’s inherently impossible, because impressions are, by their very nature, cumulative — the sum of all your interactions with and perceptions of things. Zack Love
Dating someone exclusively for four months in New York is like four years in Anchorage. Zack Love
I’m just not ready to give myself up, Sammy. I mean, there’s something perfect about virginity, and I haven’t found someone who deserves to take that perfection from me…”“ You’re loco, Carlos. Insane. Totally crazy… Most guys think they’re imperfect for still being virgins past the age of seventeen. Zack Love
Having had virtually no contact with the outside world for the last few weeks, Evan had temporarily forgotten the social norms governing shopping conduct or approaching celebrities in public. Zack Love
You have to take this with you too, ” she said, opening a box and holding up a silver necklace with the Syriac cross (a crucifix with a budding flower shape on each tip) dangling from it. “My mother gave it to me mother, who passed it to me. Now is the right time to give it to you. Not just because you’re leaving and will need something that always connects you to your roots, but also because tonight we remember her. . Zack Love
And you never fall behind?”“ Of course I do. But I always feel guilty when that happens. After all, my journal is the oldest and most loyal friend I have. And it never interrupts me when I’m speaking, ” he added, with a boyish grin. Zack Love
Have you ever experienced a beauty of soul, an esthetic grace, that was so intense it made you want to cry?" From Central Park Song ( A Screenplay ) Zack Love
My decision to become a teacher suddenly seemed even more appropriate. Life had just become that much more unpredictably precarious and ill-suited to long-term planning, and it felt that much more necessary to spread love and knowledge to those who would one day have to manage this messy and painful world of ours" Also in Zack Love's "Stories and Scripts: an Anthology Zack Love
The official recruiting process for their posse began. Because Carlos, Narc, and Trevor each had high SQs, Heeb and Evan reasoned that adding the three to their group would raise the average SQ of each group member (much the way that colleges recruit individuals with higher test scores to increase the average test scores of their matriculated students). Zack Love
What’s a TH?”“A Traffic Hazard, ” Heeb clarified.“ Oh you mean because the woman is so hot she’ll take your eyes off the road?” Narc confirmed.“ Exactly. Zack Love
What’s SQ?” asked Evan.“Sexual Quotient.”“What’s that?”“ Basically, it’s your odds of getting laid. Everyone has an SQ. just like everyone has an IQ.”“I’ve never heard that term before.”“ That’s because I made it up.”“ That figures. Finally applying your actuarial skills to what really matters, eh? Zack Love
Oh. Well was this your first time painting a live model?” She nodded her head, with an almost guilty look on her face.“ What’s it like?”“ Hard, ” she replied. Zack Love
And as their penile pain began to subside, the two men were able to form more complex thoughts, resulting in a collaborative work: the development of a worldview that might be described as “penilosophy. Zack Love
But despite these and many other differences, Evan and Heeb had become close friends — an improbability that could have been produced only by the even greater improbabilities that brought them together. Zack Love
So..Now that we got that over with, let's get back to love at first sight, Evan said. Not infatuation at first sight.. Love. With a capital L, he clarified. Love? Heeb asked, playfully pretending not to know the concept. Yeah. The real thing. The conviction that if you had this one woman, all other women would become irrelevant. You'd never again be unhappy And you'd give up anything to have her and keep her. You've experienced that? Only once. And I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since. Tell me more. Sometimes I think that I still chase women just to forget about her. Because I know I can never have her. But I can't seem to forget about her, no matter what girl I'm chasing.. No one can possibly compare.. Who is she? Delilah, Evan said wistfully. Delilah?, asked Heeb, intrigued Delilah Nakova, Evan replied, with a hint of awe and reverence in his voice. Zack Love
They truly embodied goodness and generosity — like angels sent to save me in my hour of greatest need. Mohammed had risked everything to keep a promise to my father. He and his family saved not only my life, but also my faith in others. Zack Love
Sadly enough, sometimes you and Lenny are the only real human interactions that I have all day. The rest of the day I'm just like a machine that mechnically computes and produces Also in "Stories and Scripts:An Anthology Zack Love
People should think that being a writer is cool. Even if you’re just a starving writer. Besides, most great writers were starving at one point or another. It comes with the title. Zack Love
In some mystical way, Lenny seemed to ennoble work more than anyone I had ever met" Also in "Stories and Scripts:an Anthology Zack Love
I wish I knew how to get you back. And apparently fate won't let me give up" From Central Park Song: a Screenplay Zack Love
Night had fallen, and Diane admired the deep sky behind Steve's calm countenance. They looked into each other's eyes again and felt the spark and excitement of discovery. As if to celebrate the perfect, life-enabling distance of the earth from the sun, Diane and Steve kissed again.""- The Grand Unified Story (a Short Story) from Stories and Scripts: an Anthology Zack Love
Oh no. I'm not gonna let you leave yet. I'm gonna show you the value of takin' your time to get to work. I probably should have done this a long time ago. Zack Love
Indeed, wounded loved can make for fierce vengeance. And, from what I know of Anissa, it does seem a bit out of character for her to behave so spitefully, so I'd like to think that she really is just deeply hurt, angry and looking for some way to injure me back... I hope she knows how well she's succeeded. Zack Love
Speaking of body decorations, I luuhhhvv your belly piercing! ” Heeb said, looking at the gold ring in the center of her slim, tan waist. Despite the artic cold, Angelina had opted for a skin tight, black tube top that ended just above her belly, on the assumption that a warm cab, a winter coat, and a short wait to get into the club was an adequate frosty weather strategy. Heeb was still reverently staring at her belly when Angelina finally caught her breath from laughing.“ Do you really like it? You’re just saying that so that you can check out my belly! ”“ And what’s so bad about that? I mean, didn’t you get that belly piercing so that people would check out your belly?”“ No. I just thought it would look cool… Do you have any piercings?”“ Actually, I do, ” Heeb replied.“ Where?”“ My appendix.”“ Huh?”“ I wanted to be the first guy with a pierced organ. And the appendix is a totally useless organ anyway, so I figured why the hell not?”“ That’s pretty original, ” she replied, amused.“ Oh yeah. I’ve outdone every piercing fanatic out there. The only problem is when I have to go through metal detectors at the airport.” Angelina burst into laughs again, and then managed to say, “Don’t you have to take it out occasionally for a cleaning?”“ Nah. I figure I’ll just get it removed when my appendix bursts. It’ll be a two for one operation, if you know what I mean. Zack Love
Now give me some advice about how to take full advantage of this city. I’m always looking to improve my odds.”“ Just what I’d expect from a horny actuary.”“ I’m serious.” Carlos reflected for a moment on the problem at hand. He actually had never needed or tried to take full advantage of the city in order to meet women, but he thought about all of his friends who regularly did. His face lit up as he thought of some helpful advice: “Get into the arts.”“ The arts?”“ Yeah.”“ But I’m not artistic.”“ It doesn’t matter. Many women are into the arts. Theater. Painting. Dance. They love that stuff.”“ You want me to get into dance? Earthquakes have better rhythm than me… And can you really picture me in those tights?”“ Take an art history class. Learn photography. Get involved in a play or an independent film production. Get artsy, Sammy. I’m telling you, the senoritas dig that stuff.”“ Really?”“ Yeah. You need to sign up for a bunch of artistic activities. But you can’t let on that it’s all just a pretext to meet women. You have to take a real interest in the subject or they’ll quickly sniff out your game.”“ I don’t know… It’s all so foreign to me… I don’t know the first thing about being artistic.”“ Heeb, this is the time to expand your horizons. And you’re in the perfect city to do it. New York is all about reinventing yourself. Get out of your comfort zones. Become more of a Renaissance man. That’s much more interesting to women. Zack Love
So if you choose me, then you have declared me more special to you than anyone else, because only one man can have that honor. Zack Love
...And on my fourth morning in Naples, I woke up alone. There was a note on the table with the breakfast that Cinzia had quietly prepared for me. It read, "It could never be. But that's why it will always be - perfectly divine. Cinzia" City Solipsism: A Short Story Zack Love
Aren't 3, 000 lives worth a miracle to a good and all-powerful god? Zack Love
Everyone needs beauty. Even beautiful people" From "Central Park Song Zack Love
We pick the people who populate our personal lives as much for who they make us as for who they are. I chose Anna for the person I became in her presence, and in this respect, my love for her was a more selfish one Zack Love
Summer sticks to her skirt sumptuously, in the shiny gray fabric hanging loosely from her curves. Her chestnut eyes, apparently hidden from strangers; her simple but graceful face, unpainted by Madison Avenue; and her straight black hair, parted down the middle without ego, all suggest a minimalist - almost pastoral - beauty that is oddly discordant with her fashionable attire, comfortable indifference to the crowds, and quasi-attentive perusal of the Time magazine unfolded over her hand. Zack Love
I want to feel like I'm making a difference in this world. And I want some time for living rather than just working. Life is for living, isn't it? It can't be all just for working Zack Love
It's not how long you see something. It's how you intensely you feel it" From Central Park Song: a Screenplay Zack Love
ERIC: What are you always writin' in that book anyway? R O D N E Y: Poetry.TYRONE: Poetry?Rodney stops sketching and sentimentally flips through a few dozen pages of sketches and handwritten poems and notes. R O D N E Y: Poetry and pictures. Snapshots of our lives developed in the darkrooms of our souls." From CENTRAL PARK SONG -- a screenplay Zack Love
And today is really the happiest day of your life, because today you woke up and stumbled across the shadow of your soul in broad daylight." From Central Park Song: a Screenplay Zack Love
Well why don't you lean over this counter a little more and give me your best kiss, and then I'll tell you if I want you to take me out to dinner. Zack Love
Can I speak to Sayvyer, please?”“ You’re looking for the savior? At 1:15 a.m.?”“ No. her name’s Sayvyer.”“There’s no savior here. Especially not at 1:15 a.m. Zack Love
You know what you need?”“ What?”“ You need to think about what a badass bald man would do in this situation”“ There are no badass bald men. By definition.”“ What about Dwight D. Eisenhower?” Carlos suggested.“ President Eisenhower?”“Doesn’t he qualify as a badass?” Carlos insisted.“ Look, he may have been president, but he doesn’t exactly come to people’s minds when you ask them to think of a badass.”“ All right. How about Kojak?” Carlos asked.“ That police detective show with Telly Savalas?” Sammy asked.“ Yeah, Kojak. He was a badass. Always cool under pressure.”“ All right, ” Sammy replied. “Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Kojak was a bald badass. So what?’“ So you have to imagine how Kojak would deal with this situation we have in front of us. He wouldn’t be worried about whether this girl digs bald guys. He would just walk right up to her, knowing that he’s a badass and just take care of business. You see, it’s all in the delivery.”“ The delivery?”“ Yeah, the execution . Zack Love
Check my riddle, and I’ll let you play my fiddle. Zack Love
At times like these, size really does matter, " I point out, at I extend my ginormous umbrella over her in a way that stops any rain droplets from falling on her. My Best Valentine's Day Ever, A Short Story by Zack Love Zack Love
Every human relationship begins with a coincidence. Even the most fundamental relationship - that of parent and child - begins entirely with a coincidence. The child is produced by whatever serendipity brought its parents together, and the fact that the child was born to its particular parents instead of to another couple is pure happenstance. Thus, children have no choice over the relationship that is most important to their existence. By contrast, friends and lovers choose each other, but even these choices are reactions to whatever random coincidence made the resulting relationship possible. Zack Love
Titus, have you ever had your heart broken?”“ Oh, son. How could you ask a man who used to play the blues a question like that?”“ How long does it take to go away?”“ A broken heart?”“ Yeah.”“ There’s no precise formula, Sammy.”“Just give me an estimate.”“ A good rule of thumb is at least half the time that you were in love. Or twice the time. It all just depends. Zack Love
Youth is marked by a breathtaking novelty that diminishes with each year of age - until life becomes a delusive struggle to break routines, escape the ordinary, and rediscover the joy of discovery. Zack Love
But the fantasy kingdom and trappings of success soon lost their luster, as I discovered that the most prestigious and remunerative of my resume's way stations was also the most tedious and unfulfilling I had ever experienced. This paradox only made me more morose about modernity. Why was I going to watch my hairline recede in front of two-thousand-line spreadsheets staring at me from cold, glowing monitors? Why was everyone in my office apparently so happy to be spending so many hours there, when the things they really cared about - people, pets, pastimes - were all relegated to a few photographs on their desks? That seemed to be the formula: spend the best years of your life in an office with photos of what you really care about. Zack Love
With the music of our singing in the background, I looked at the church candles and thought about the surreal connection between images and memory. The peaceful and joyous candles flickering there during the Christmas ceremony projected warmth, comfort, and familiarity — even though thy emitted the same kind of fiery energy as the flames caused by the war. Zack Love
At one point, I began to think that I had a divine doorman. Lenny was the most unlikely incarnation of God I could imagine, and yet, I kept drifting irresistibly towards this absurd conclusion. Despite my staunchly atheistic inclinations, I couldn't explain Lenny any other way. But eventually I came to my senses and realized that he was just one of those game show freaks with an encyclopedic memory. That didn't make him God, did it? Would God proclaim so regularly how much he likes Patsy's Pizza? . Zack Love
I had always been an atheist until I met Lenny. He was too wonderously complex and good for there to be no benevolent and intelligent force behind our marvelous cosmos. Lenny gave me the actual proof my fiercely skeptical mind had always demanded. Not some logical, 37-step proof of God's existence. It was a personal proof. And it was irrefutable. Zack Love
Steve's throat swelled with tension as the intimacy of the moment became more tangible. He moved his eyes from the dark, reflective river, to the dark, reflective pupils in Diane's eyes. They seemed to quiver with tenderness - but then they would grow distant. He found himself continually surprised at the "aliveness" of the person standing just a foot away from him now. She wasn't inanimate: she would flinch if he pinched her, and answer if he asked her. And she was beautiful." -- From "The Grand Unified Story" -- a short story in Zack Love's Stories and Scripts: an Anthology . Zack Love
It's bewildering to me how you can just start chatting with a complete stranger on Facebook, and - next thing you know - it seems as if there's some intense connection with the person - or at least you feel that closeness and hope it's mutual Zack Love
Paradoxically, the more Michael kept me at a distance, the more I trusted him - perhaps because he was always willing to help me with tips and introductions even though he wanted absolutely nothing from me (and never reciprocated my nosiness with personal questions of his own with me). Zack Love
That could also be because at one point during the film, our hands found each other. And when I felt Michael's middle finger caress the inside of my palm, it sent a tickle up my spine, and the fingers of my right hand were soon exploring his left hand, and we each took turns tracing the contours of the other's hands. Zack Love
Summoning my inner Kojak, I tried to convince myself that she would have sat next to me even had there been somewhere else on the bus to sit. Unfortunately, I didn't do a very good job of self-persuasion. Good thing I wasn't in court suing myself, because I would have lost. From: "My Best Valentine's Day.Ever: A Short Story Zack Love
So I'm delighted to open up a bit about these particular details, in honor of Valentine's Day (when every balding, chubby, and short actuary wants people - especially the babes out there - to know about his studly past" From: "My Best Valentine's Day.Ever: a Short Story Zack Love
This was getting uglier by the minute, I thought. There really was no easy escape, since we were sitting far from the exit and the waiters knew me from prior dinner dates with Ashley and I hadn't paid the tab yet. From: "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever: a Short Story Zack Love
And just as I'm about to lay on the Yi-Wang-Smooth, I see Lay #1 and Lay #3 show up to our table and take the two empty seats nearby. From: "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever: a Short Story Zack Love
Like a driver who has lost control of his vechicle, I was bracing for the impending crash." From: "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever: a Short Story Zack Love
If I could do all of that on February 14th, it would be a personal best for me. Something to share with my crew for the glory and the laughs, or to cheer up the next buddy of mine to get dumped or cheated on. From "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever: A Short Story Zack Love
New York City is legendary for sleeping around. There's hot tail everywhere and it's such a big city that two-timing and even three-timing is very doable, if you plan it right." From "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever. (a Short Story) Zack Love
Everything is going as planned until I notice that Ashley has barely touched her wine glass or food after ordering the priciest bottle and several of the most expensive dishes on the menu. From "My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever: a Short Story Zack Love
When you look for beauty, you usually end up finding it. From Central Park Song (A Screenplay) Zack Love
Let the park live in you until it sings you a song. Zack Love
Anyway, I think Florence and I noticed each other before the local train screeched to a halt at the 110th Street station, because as I boarded it felt as though we were supposed to step into the same car, and hold onto the same moist metal bar. My wishful hunch now seems confirmed by the way she's reading her Time magazine article next to me. Zack Love