22 "Uzoma Nnadi" Quotes And Sayings

Uzoma Nnadi is a business person, lawyer and an author, who is passionate about self development. Uzoma is a graduate of University of Lagos, holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Boston University and a LLM from the London School of Economics. Uzoma's book “The Art of Self-Development” was published in 2013 - 2015.

I carefully choose people in my life and if you are not happy with it, then its your call to be angry, broken, disappointed and lose sleep over my choice, judgement & decision... no apologies. Uzoma Nnadi
Some people said beware of enemies. Some said beware of friends and some said beware of frenemies, but the most dangerous people are those that will hurt you and still play the victim. Uzoma Nnadi
Some people say beware of enemies. Some say beware of friends and some say beware of frenemies, but the most dangerous people are those that will hurt you and still play the victim. Uzoma Nnadi
Gossip is an idle talk that makes you look worse than the person you are talking about, and people tend to have more confidence in the person you talked about when they get tired of your gossip. Speak with love and kindness or don't speak at all. Uzoma Nnadi
Don't let a stranger that comes to you leave empty handed without food, water, shelter, or word of encouragement. Whether you believe in God or s**t, it's a bad omen when you let a stranger that came to you left empty handed. Uzoma Nnadi
Iron can only be destroyed by rust, and rust is a slow process which is caused by the hydrogen ion from water in the environment. Coat yourself against negative thoughts and be careful what you feed your mind because your mind is your greatest asset, make sure you are not using it against yourself. Uzoma Nnadi
When you get used to being let down, you will never be ashamed of failure. Uzoma Nnadi
Poverty is a state of the mind that was created as a result of unhealthy environmental factors. When you are surrounded with unhealthy environmental factors, you will think poorly, speak poorly, act and behave poorly. Uzoma Nnadi
Sometimes it's good to let people swim in ocean of ignorance and let them struggle to the shores of enlightenment. Uzoma Nnadi
... education is the second food a parent can give a child. Uzoma Nnadi
I'm a believer and I believe there is a more knowledgeable supreme being who created earth. I'm not surprise when I read the bible Psalm 14:1 which said ~ the fool says in his heart there is no God. Uzoma Nnadi
Pride is a human nature and it's good for people to be proud of themselves, achievements, etc. but too much of anything is not healthy. Humble is pride exhibited through humility, so be humble and prideful about being humble. Uzoma Nnadi
Humble is pride exhibited through humility. Uzoma Nnadi
Nothing beats effective communication because it clears all doubts, misunderstandings, accusations, rumour, insecurities, gossip, hearsay, etc. Uzoma Nnadi
Pride is a very dangerous disease that can turn your talent, asset, and achievements into a handicap. Uzoma Nnadi
There is a great difference between enlightenment and education. The former is a discerned vital knowledge without guidance while the latter is imparting any knowledge. Uzoma Nnadi
When an animal comes between the lion and its prey, the animal first becomes the prey before the main prey. Uzoma Nnadi
We live in a microwave life where people want success without passing through the process of hard work. This is because our daily discussions focus on successes and not our struggles, which end up sending wrong message to other people, believing that success can be achieved without hard work. Uzoma Nnadi
When you meet someone you want to know, be very careful on how you sit on the driving seat to examine that person because you may end up putting yourself on a serious examination. Sometimes people lose interest & walk away after a chat because of the type of questions & silly discussions you engage in. Sometimes your highest intelligence end up exposing your foolishness. Uzoma Nnadi
... the best education is self-discipline with good principles through human university. Uzoma Nnadi