81 "Ovid" Quotes And Sayings

Ovid is an ancient Roman poet renowned for his love poetry and elegies and was one of the most popular poets of the late Roman Republic and of Roman Imperial times. His poetry has survived not only fourteen centuries but also undergoes many transformations, and its themes and symbolism have been treated by a number of prominent authors including Dante, Goethe, Kleist, Liszt, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Blake, Yeats, Pound, Montale, Rilke and Thomas Mann.

I am the poet of the poor, because I was...
I am the poet of the poor, because I was poor when I loved; since I could not give gifts, I gave words. Ovid
Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through...
Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence. Ovid
Fas est ab hoste doceri. One should learn even from...
Fas est ab hoste doceri. One should learn even from one's enemies. Ovid
Saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas
Saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas" - "Often the prickly thorn produces tender roses Ovid
As wave is driven by wave And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead, So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows, Always, for ever and new. What was before Is left behind; what never was is now; And every passing moment is renewed. Ovid
Happy is the man who has broken the chains which...
Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.”" Be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you. Ovid
Brass shines with constant usage, a beautiful dress needs wearing,...
Brass shines with constant usage, a beautiful dress needs wearing, Leave a house empty, it rots. Ovid
I got nervous at bulls and eagles, Trying to figure...
I got nervous at bulls and eagles, Trying to figure what shape Zeus might take f Ovid
When he, whoever of the gods it was, had thus arranged in order and resolved that chaotic mass, and reduced it, thus resolved, to cosmic parts, he first moulded the Earth into the form of a mighty ball so that it might be of like form on every side … And, that no region might be without its own forms of animate life, the stars and divine forms occupied the floor of heaven, the sea fell to the shining fishes for their home, Earth received the beasts, and the mobile air the birds … Then Man was born:… though all other animals are prone, and fix their gaze upon the earth, he gave to Man an uplifted face and bade him stand erect and turn his eyes to heaven. Ovid
Although the gods were in the distant skies, Pythagoras drew near them with his mind;what nature had denied to human sight, he saw with his intellect, his mental eye. When he, with reason and tenacious care, had probed all things, he taught-- to those who gatheredin silence and amazement-- what he'd learnedof the beginnings of the universe, of what caused things to happen, and what istheir nature: what god is, whence come the snows, what is the origin of lightning bolts--whether it is the thundering winds or Jovethat cleave the cloudbanks-- and what is the cause of earthquakes, and what laws control the courseof stars: in sum, whatever had been hid, Pythagoras revealed. Ovid
And now the measure of my song is done: The work has reached its end; the book is mine, None shall unwrite these words: nor angry Jove, Nor war, nor fire, nor flood, Nor venomous time that eats our lives away. Then let that morning come, as come it will, When this disguise I carry shall be no more, And all the treacherous years of life undone, And yet my name shall rise to heavenly music, The deathless music of the circling stars. As long as Rome is the Eternal City These lines shall echo from the lips of men, As long as poetry speaks truth on earth, That immortality is mine to wear. Ovid
Right it is to be taught even by the enemy. Ovid
All other creatures look down toward the earth, but man was given a face so that might turn his eyes toward the stars and his gaze upon the sky. Ovid
Barbarus hic ego sum, quia non intelligor illis.( In this place I am a barbarian, because men do not understand me.) Ovid
Arrive before your Husband. Not that I can See quite what good arriving first will do; But still arrive before him. When he's taken His place upon the couch and you go too To sit beside him, on your best behavior Stealthily touch my foot, and look at me, Watching my nods, my eyes, my face's language; Catch and return my signals secretly. I'll send a wordless message with my eyebrows; You'll read my fingers' words, words traced in wine. When you recall our games of love together, Your finger on rosy cheeks must trace a line. If in your silent thoughts you wish to chide me, Let your hand hold the lobe of your soft ear; When, darling, what I do or say gives pleasure, Keep turning to an fro the ring you wear. When you wish well-earned curses on your husband, Lay your hand on the table, as in prayer. If he pours you wine, watch out, tell him to drink it; Ask for what you want from the waiter there. I shall take next the glass you hand the waiter And I'll drink from the place you took your sips; If he should offer anything he's tasted, Refuse whatever food has touch his lips. Don't let him plant his arms upon your shoulders, Don't let him rest your gentle head on his hard chest, Don't let your dress, your breasts, admit his fingers, And--most of all--no kisses to be pressed! You kiss--and I'll reveal myself your lover; I'll say 'they're mine'; my legal claim I'll stake. All this, of course I'll see, But what's well hiddenunder your dress--blind terror makes me quake. Ovid
And besides, we lovers fear everything Ovid
Her clear conscience mocked rumour’s mendacity, But we are a mob prone to credit sin. Ovid
There is a certain pleasure in weeping Ovid
In the make-up of human beings, intelligence counts for more than our hands, and that is our true strength. Ovid
The gods are created by poets" --Ovid Ovid