32 "Maxwell Maltz" Quotes And Sayings

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon. In his book, The Science of Being Well, he describes the various methods of achieving beauty and how to maintain it. He also describes some of the myths about beauty and how these myths have been perpetuated and commercialized.

You make mistakes, mistakes don't make you
You make mistakes, mistakes don't make you Maxwell Maltz
A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment... For imagination sets the goal ‘picture’ which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of ‘will, ’ as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination. Maxwell Maltz
Times will change for the better when you change.
Times will change for the better when you change. Maxwell Maltz
Happiness is a mental habit, a mental attitude, and if it is not learned and practiced in the present it is never experienced. It cannot be made contingent upon solving some external problem. When one problem is solved, another appears to take its place. Life is a series of problems. If you are to be happy at all, you must be happy - period! Not happy "because of". Maxwell Maltz
Our errors, mistakes, failures, and sometimes even our humiliations, were necessary steps in the learning process. However, they were meant to be means to an end - and not an end in themselves. When they have served their purpose, they should be forgotten. If we consciously dwell on the error, or consciously feel guilty about the error and keep berating ourselves because of it, then - unwittingly - the error or failure itself becomes the "goal" that is consciously held in imagination and memory. . Maxwell Maltz
I have found that one of the commonest causes of unhappiness among my patients is that they are attempting to live their lives on the deferred payment plan. They do not live, or enjoy life now, but wait for some future event or occurrence. They will be happy when they get married, when they get a better job, when they get the house paid for, when they get the children through college, when they have completed some task or won some victory. Invariably, they are disappointed. . Maxwell Maltz
We must have courage to bet on our ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be effective and bring happiness. Maxwell Maltz
You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. Maxwell Maltz
Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent. Maxwell Maltz
Thus man of all creatures is more than a creature, he is also a creator. Man alone can direct his success mechanism by the use of imagination, or imaging ability. Maxwell Maltz
If you make friends with yourself, you'll never be alone. Maxwell Maltz
The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognize your own worth. Maxwell Maltz
It is common knowledge among psychologists that most of us underrate ourselves, short-change ourselves, sell ourselves short. Actually, there is no such thing as a superiority complex. People who seem to have one are actually suffering from feelings of inferiority; their "superior" self is a fiction, a coverup, to hide from themselves and others their deep-down feelings of inferiority and insecurity. Maxwell Maltz
Our present state of self-confidence and poise is the result of what we have "experienced" rather than what we have learned intellectually. Maxwell Maltz
What is opportunity, and when does it knock? It never knocks. You can wait a whole lifetime, listening, hoping, and you will hear no knocking. None at all. You are opportunity, and you must knock on the door leading to your destiny. You prepare yourself to recognize opportunity, to pursue and seize opportunity as you develop the strength of your personality, and build a self-image with which you are able to live -- with your self-respect alive and growing. Maxwell Maltz
If you make friends with yourself, you’ll never be alone. Maxwell Maltz
Our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the othe Maxwell Maltz
Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward. Maxwell Maltz
We must have courage to bet on our ideas on the calculated risk and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be effective and bring happiness. Maxwell Maltz
Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs. Maxwell Maltz