157 "Kate Mcgahan" Quotes And Sayings

Kate McGahan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense novels. She has been writing stories since she was young, but only began to pursue publishing when her husband encouraged her to write a novel. Kate lives in Northern California with her husband and two children, and can be found wandering around the local bookstore and coffee shop.

The very first Easter taught us this: that life never...
The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies. Kate McGahan
We need to go first because we cannot live without your love and care. If we lived longer than you, we would not and could not survive. It’s supposed to be this way. We also need to cross the Rainbow Bridge before you do so that we can be on the other side to greet you when you get there. We wait at home for you here and we wait at Home for you there. It’s just the way it is. Kate McGahan
You blast me open and then You stand back and watch My feeble attempts To deal with myself. Where do I turn In my now desperate need for love? You are not there. There is no one else to turn to For I have made you my Everything. And in my exhaustion From my desperate moments, I slip into myself And there I find God waiting for me To love Him to love me to love you Because you are the matchmaker. I thought He was leading me to you But, surprise surprise, You were leading me to Him. Kate McGahan
There is a period of one to two earth years that humans are to refrain from making big decisions. It’s because you don’t always make the best decisions when you are grieving. Those who make decisions in haste often live to regret them. You must move through the time of suffering, strengthening your faith and being willing to grow through the grief in order to be able to see things differently. As you grow, your blind faith will continue to open your eyes. You will see everything in a whole new light when you come out the other side of grief. Then you will be able to make very good decisions for yourself, better than ever, because of what you learned. . Kate McGahan
She made me her everything. She didn’t realize then that when you make someone your everything, when they are gone you have nothing left. I have since learned that our Master sends us soul mates who teach us to depend on them and then we come to believe we cannot live without them. Then He takes them away to prove to us that we can indeed live without them, but also to prove that we cannot live without Him. . Kate McGahan
A cell has a nucleus and some other parts like membranes, plasmas and other stuff. Its energy is made up of protons, neurons and electrons. Genetic scientists, however, have discovered that the majority of a cell is made up of something unknown. Something akin to space filled with electromagnetic fibers of light. The human body is made up of some 37 trillion cells. What do you think you are made of? Who do you think you are? . Kate McGahan
We set our own limits on love. Some of us bind our hearts like Chinese women bind their feet. The binding is painful at first but eventually you get used to it and the pain goes away. The saddest part of all is that by binding yourself to the choices you make, you forget that there was ever another way to live. Kate McGahan
Let your love be stronger than your fear.
Let your love be stronger than your fear. Kate McGahan
So many people are afraid of the ending of their life on earth. Then there are others who are afraid of not being able to leave after their bodies have long failed them. There's nothing at all to be afraid of. Death is the last lesson in the school of life. It is the final stage of growth. Death is the one event that is designed to remove all of your remaining fears. Someday you will find that the things you were most afraid of, like death, were only illusions. . Kate McGahan
There’s a big difference between the head and the heart....
There’s a big difference between the head and the heart. Fear lives in the head. Love lives in the heart. The head thinks it knows it all but the heart is always right. Kate McGahan
Love is the most powerful force on earth. The end...
Love is the most powerful force on earth. The end of fear is where love begins. Then nothing can overcome you. Kate McGahan
If we are not taught about love when our brains and hearts are forming, we may never even recognize it when it stands in front of us. We may even run from it. We would miss out on the one thing that makes life worth living. Kate McGahan
Fear creates attachment. Look around at the people and things you feel attached to; the people and things that you believe you can't live without. What is it that you are afraid of? Make it a goal to let go of attachment and, when you do, the fear will leave and unexpectedly beautiful things can come into its place. That is the reward for living in love and faith, instead of in fear. Kate McGahan
True friendship has no checks or balances. Once someone starts...
True friendship has no checks or balances. Once someone starts Keeping Score, the game is over. Kate McGahan
Some souls come together just for a little while to teach each other something. It can be confusing because you can think you love someone at first sight and you assume that they are a soul mate. You think it’s supposed to last forever. You share the same dreams because when your mind is asleep, your souls travel to the same place so that you can be together. You think of them and they call within moments, because they are thinking of you too. The truth is that some soul mates stay just long enough to teach you what you need to learn. Kate McGahan
When you dream you go inside yourself, even though it makes you feel like you are traveling many miles and light years to go to the dream worlds. This is the irony of all of it. Everything lives within the heart of the dreamer. Your heart can take you everywhere. It’s the world where we are still together. The heart is where you’ll find me and anyone else you have ever loved with all your heart and all your soul. Kate McGahan
The world of dreams is such a wonderful place! That is, if you have love in your heart. If you have madness in your heart, you will have mad dreams. If you have guilt in your heart, you will have dreams that make you feel more guilt. But me, I have love in my heart and room for nothing else. I love my dreams and they love me. Kate McGahan
You think the final act of love is setting them free to Rainbow Bridge? That is not the final act of love. The final act of love is releasing them from your leash of grief so they can be free in the heaven on the other side of the Bridge. Until you resolve your grief, you bind them to you in the land between Heaven and Earth while they wait, suspended between the worlds, for you to heal. When you are free of your grief, they are free of your grief. . Kate McGahan
Humans are funny. The more someone doesn’t want someone, the more that someone wants that someone. The time came when she started pulling away. She had developed a tendency to focus on the things that she didn’t respect in him and eventually that’s all she saw. Kate McGahan
You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that...
You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that you want to or you've been hurt enough that you have to. Kate McGahan