18 "Jeremy Griffith" Quotes And Sayings

Jeremy Griffith is an author, motivational speaker and international consultant. He has written many articles on business topics for various online magazines. He is the former CEO of the leading Internet-based company in its industry. His unique way of communicating with both the business world and the public has earned him a loyal following of loyal clients.

Mother's love created our awe-inspiring moral sense
Mother's love created our awe-inspiring moral sense Jeremy Griffith
Men and women fall in love abandoning reality in favour of the dream Jeremy Griffith
The increasingly thoughtful child can see the whole horribly upset world and would be understandably totally bewildered and deeply troubled by it Jeremy Griffith
A fresh approach is needed – an analysis of our human situation from a basis that recognises and confronts the psychological dimension to our behaviour Jeremy Griffith
Throughout history we humans have struggled to find meaning in the awesome contradiction of our human condition. Neither philosophy, nor psychology nor biology has, until now, been able to provide the truthful explanation. Jeremy Griffith
The real debate about both the horrific inequality in the world and about the terrorism and frightening instability in the world requires analysis of the differences in upset-adaption or alienation-from-soul between individuals, races, genders, generations, countries, civilisations and cultures, but until the human condition could be explained and the upset state of the human condition compassionately understood and thus defended that debate could not take place. Jeremy Griffith
Imagine if all the car makers in the world were to sit down together to design one extremely simple, embellishment-free, functional car that was made from the most environmentally-sustainable materials, how cheap to buy and humanity-and- Earth-considerate that vehicle would be. And imagine all the money that would be saved by not having different car makers duplicating their efforts, competing and trying to out-sell each other, and overall how much time that would liberate for all those people involved in the car industry to help those less fortunate and suffering in the world. Likewise, imagine when each house is no longer designed to make an individualised, ego-reinforcing, status-symbol statement for its owners and all houses are constructed in a functionally satisfactory, simple way, how much energy, labour, time and expense will be freed up to care for the wellbeing of the less fortunate and the planet. Jeremy Griffith
The agony of being unable to answer the question of why are we the way we are, divisively instead of cooperatively behaved, has been the particular burden of life. It has been our species' particular affliction or condition – our human condition. Jeremy Griffith
Love is unconditional selflessness Jeremy Griffith
What's needed on Earth is love of the dark side of ourselves Jeremy Griffith
If you want to save the snow leopard, or the giant Redwoods, or the Okavango delta, or the Amazon, or the atmosphere, or the Earth, or those you love, or yourself, or the human race, this is the only path that can achieve that—so the truth is the sooner you support and adopt this path of transformation through understanding the better. The choice is self-destruction or self-discovery. Jeremy Griffith
When the human condition is finally demystified, human insecurity and nervousness will be at a maximum…for this ultimate enlightenment to be allowed, society is going to have to adhere scrupulously to the democratic principle of freedom of expression. Jeremy Griffith
The truth is, the hypocrisy of humans is everywhere Jeremy Griffith
We all intuitively know that a mother's love is crucial to the creation of a well-adjusted human and that we are all born with an instinctive expectation of receiving unconditionally selfless love from our mother. Jeremy Griffith
Finding understanding of the human condition is what rehabilitates and transforms the human race Jeremy Griffith
Pseudo idealism: apparent charitable behaviour that on scrutiny is revealed as selfish, because the giver is engaging in it only so that he or she can feel good about him or herself Jeremy Griffith
When the hypocrisy of life appears we often fail to recognise it or the question it raises Jeremy Griffith