79 "Clive Barker" Quotes And Sayings

Clive Barker is a three-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award, the highest honor given by the World Horror Convention. He has published twenty-five books, including the New York Times bestselling novel The Great and Secret Show. Clive Barker's professional career began in 1969 when he became Art Director at Menton, where he created posters for over three hundred films including Blade Runner (1982), Alien (1979), and The Thing (1982). His work has appeared on album covers by Talking Heads, U2, Moby Grape, and others Read more

He lives in England with his wife, Helen .

Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with...
Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep. Clive Barker
I dreamed I spoke in another's language, I dreamed I lived in another's skin, I dreamed I was my own beloved, I dreamed I was a tiger's kin. I dreamed that Eden lived inside me, And when I breathed a garden came, I dreamed I knew all of Creation, I dreamed I knew the Creator's name. I dreamed--and this dream was the finest-- That all I dreamed was real and true, And we would live in joy forever, You in me, and me in you. Clive Barker
Nothing else wounds so deeply and irreparably. Nothing else robs...
Nothing else wounds so deeply and irreparably. Nothing else robs us of hope so much as being unloved by one we love Clive Barker
[Horror fiction] shows us that the control we believe we...
[Horror fiction] shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion. Clive Barker
I am a man, and men are animals who tell stories. This is a gift from God, who spoke our species into being, but left the end of our story untold. That mystery is troubling to us. How could it be otherwise? Without the final part, we think, how are we to make sense of all that went before: which is to say, our lives? So we make stories of our own, in fevered and envious imitation of our Maker, hoping that we'll tell, by chance, what God left untold. And finishing our tale, come to understand why we were born. Clive Barker
Writing about the unholy is one way of writing about...
Writing about the unholy is one way of writing about what is sacred. Clive Barker
As long as they could still be moved by a minor chord, or brought to a crisis of tears by scenes of lovers reunited; as long as there was room in their cautious hearts for games of chance, and laughter in the face of God, that must surely be enough to save them, at the last. If not, there was no hope for any living thing. Clive Barker
Here is a list of terrible things, The jaws of sharks, a vultures wings The rabid bite of the dogs of war, The voice of one who went before, But most of all the mirror's gaze, Which counts us out our numbered days. Clive Barker
There is no such thing as originality. It has all been said before, suffered before. If a person knows that, is it any wonder love becomes mechanical and death just a scene to be shunned? There is no absolute knowledge to be gained from either. Just another ride on the merry-go-round, another blurred scene of faces smiling and faces grieved. Clive Barker
The moon had risen behind him, the color of a shark's underbelly. It lit the ruined walls, and the skin of his arms and hands, with its sickly light, making him long for a mirror in which to study his face. Surely he'd be able to see the bones beneath the meat; the skull gleaming the way his teeth gleamed when he smiled. After all, wasn't that what a smile said? Hello, world, this is the way I'll look when the wet parts are rotted. . Clive Barker
It is great good health to believe as the Hindus do that there are 33 million gods and goddesses in the world. It is great good health to want to understand one s dreams. It is great good health to desire the ambiguous and paradoxical. It is sickness of the profoundest kind to believe that there is one reality. There is sickness in any piece of work or any piece of art seriously attempting to suggest that the idea that there is more than one reality is somehow redundant. Clive Barker
We're both thieves, Harvey Swick. I take time. You take...
We're both thieves, Harvey Swick. I take time. You take lives. But in the end we're the same: both Thieves of Always. Clive Barker
Funny that. We live in islands of Hours and we...
Funny that. We live in islands of Hours and we never seem to have time enough for anything... Clive Barker
Is there any good news?' Tesla
Is there any good news?' Tesla Clive Barker
The paintings of Francis Bacon to my eye are very beautiful. The paintings of Bosch or Goya are to my eye very beautiful. I've also stood in front of those same paintings with people who've said, 'let's get on to the Botticellis as soon as possible.' I have lingered, of course. Clive Barker
In my ArtI have butone fear:that we willfail to befearless. Clive Barker
Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red. Clive Barker
Sometimes nature is even crueller than politics. Clive Barker
The pain, I can assure you, will be exquisite. Clive Barker
I know many a strong man undone by marriage. Clive Barker